It is not Ham

It is not Ham

Back Bacon

Peameal bacon

Canadian Bacon

Three different things?


But it seems that many buy or eat what they call Canadian bacon, and it is not. It is some strange ham that is usually dry and they are missing out on something tasty. ♫


This is not Canadian Bacon, stop blaming us for it.

This is Ham.

So what is Canadian peameal back bacon?

It is not really bacon, bacon comes from the belly of the poor piggy that uhm… donated it…¿  

Back bacon comes from the back, it is the loin. So it is a good cut of lean meat. Tender and flavourfull. it is pickle brined, like a brisket, there is a very thin layer of fat on the outside and it is rolled in cornmeal.  Way back in the days… before TV they rolled it in dried peas to preserve it. Hence the peameal name. 

119673442-610x408 (Small)

Uncooked Pemeal


Cooked Peameal

It is not smoked like bacon. It is cured, but you need to cook it.

Pittsburgh         05-23-02 Canadian Peameal Bacon Photo by Franka Bruns

You can cook it like a roast.

You can cook it in a slow cooker, a pressure cooker or roast it, or BBQ it. You can slice it and fry it, steam it, poach it.

Slice it in a sandwich (which is incredible ♥) images

use it to make eggs Benedict, or fry it for your breakfast.  Easy_eggs_Benedict-0-l

But don’t mix it up with a thin slice of dry ham and call it Canadian bacon. Sheish. We like our food here, who likes slices of dried ham in your eggs Benedict?

Surprisingly enough, Peameal bacon, is lest costly than regular bacon. nf_bacon_longevity_0508

We don’t call it Canadian Bacon, Back bacon or Peameal bacon is our term for this tasty treat, If you are going to call it Canadian bacon, please pick the right pork product.

Or we are going to start calling this American Apple Pie….  

rec_r1_2477ec … made with…..  RitzRedo




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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

4 responses »

  1. Too funny, Mock apple pie… why??? (eeewwwww)

    I love Canadian back bacon, but no one else in the house will eat… sigh.

    • Oh that is a good thing, more for Mommy 😉 Too bad they didn’t like your chocolate too.

      We all love it, not the mock apple pie, though my mother did make it once when I was much shorter, it did sort of taste like apple pie though, sort of strange. I never liked ritz crackers since then.

  2. *giggle* I don’t like mock apple pie or ritz crackers, although when I was growing up in Sri Lanka and then in Australia – back bacon was very popular and they called it that. I don’t eat meat anymore because I use to drive by a farm with the cutest little piglets, one day, I just couldn’t eat anything related to cute little piglets. Oh, and I love the movie Babe – have you seen? Funny how it happens.

  3. That actually explains a lot I did not know. That is good to know as I feel I have been misled here in the US. Back bacon looks so much better…and yeah, you are right, I would not call that apple pie. Fair point 🙂


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