Distracted drivers… or moving accidents… looking for a place to happen.

In the fall Ontario is going to enforce some new traffic laws, to help reduce accidents.

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The aim is to keep distracted drivers from bumping into things, you know, whilst they make that so very important phone call that lasts for their entire trip. I am sure it is important I have seen them talking, they become so animated they use their other hand to emphasize their point… because some people really have to talk with their hands. It is good they have cruise control….  uhm… hmmmm.



Well it is an important call, so we must jump/dash/drive out of their way, to avoid being bumped into, you know, until the fall when the new laws will be enforced.


In Ontario you can not use hand held communication and or electronic devices whilst driving. This includes watching movies. uhm.. no really you can’t do that.

But in the fall these laws are going to be enforced, wait.. they are not enforced now? hmmmm, they can’t be because on my drive to work I see lots of people with that very important phone call cutting me off. 


Oh but wait…

In the fall, the fines are going up a bit, to help dissuade the people from making those important calls, or watching that movie, or playing video games….  

Fines now range from $60 to 500, in the fall they will range from $300 to $1,000… so this is when they will be enforcing them… to keep distracted drivers from bumping into things. Oh they will take away your licence for thirty days too and give you demerit points. Most drivers seem to keep driving when their licence has been taken away though, not sure how that will work. If you are caught again you lose it for 60 days.. the third time it is forever. hmmmm, I bet there will be a lot of the third ones. Some people just like those important calls. 


If you see a tow truck you are going to have to slow down and move over, if possible, no more speeding up to make the tow truck driver jump out of the way, there will be fines for that now, I know, all these laws are really taking the fun out of driving for some…. sheish.

OH OH if you door a cyclist they are going to frown now. No more watching your mirror and opening your door and watching them crash. Fines for that now too. or in the fall… When you pass them you have to give them a metre now too. Sheish that is awfully close isn’t it?

Cyclists have to have lights and reflective thingamajigs now too, or they will have stiff fines. So no more sneaking around at night on your bikes. bikes

I guess it is still ok to apply makeup and eat a donut though while reading your paper?

yes I have seen that too. 




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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Yes, I have seen someone read a book while driving at over 70 on the motorway or reading a map. Handheld anything has been banned for sometime in the UK, but people still do it, texting is a particularly bad one too. It just recently became illegal to smoke in a car with a child on-board. Nevertheless, people will continue to break the rules and drive on their banned license and then have an extra pint because they’re driving illegally anyway.

  2. For me it is the seeing the makeup being applied that floors me. How can you do that whilst driving is beyond me…I mean they must have skills and all, but it does not seem safe. Hope they make a law for that one. Besides, why not wait until you are parked and quickly apply? Less chance of an accident, which could really ruin your face. Just saying.


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