Flying herds

We were back to the  cottage this weekend, summer is zipping by so fast, there are some signs of fall now too, the nights are cooling off, so are the days, well finally, as last week was terribly hot.

Nature knows when the seasons are about to change, the birds seem to be one of our first signs. They gather in flocks, some trees will have literally thousands of birds tweeting away. Probably they use the hash tag #itstimetogosouth I am not sure, but I know they are tweeting. uhm. twittering?




On the island the geese gather this time of year, through the summer we hardly see any of them, sometimes a family will swim by in neat orderly rows or a few families with the babies all in a row following Mom carefully, dad following along watching closely, early in the summer or late in the spring?

Family of Canada geese swim across a pond- mother and father between 3 fluffy goslings

Now they gather in large numbers, herds even.  The babies are all grown up now. They arrive around sunset in groups ranging from four to thirty or more and collect. Some arrive before sunset others zoom in at dusk. I watched them this weekend and our bay by the cottage was so full of geese that the new arrivals were landing on some of their friends, there was a lot of bonking that lead to honking.


Hundreds of geese were flocked together, honking and exchanging greetings. Then two ducks zoomed in for a visit. Just two. They were about half the size of the geese but just as noisy. It was interesting, when the ducks quacked all the geese stopped honking to listen. (stock market tips?) Two ducks managed to quiet down hundreds of honking geese.

ducks-and-such (Small)

Megan said duck duck goose.

Aimee said duck duck goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose …..  

Jill honked back at them and they all were quiet again. She is an MBA so she likely had some market tips for them also.

Then a blue heron arrived to sit on the rocks that the ducks were all swimming around. The rocks were full though and the heron sort of hovered with his big wings spread wide as he pulled out of his dive, he was squawking loudly too which bothered the geese, if there were less of them I think they would have zoomed away but in the large herd they sort of don’t move for others much. He flapped his wings, I think he swatted some of them with them and finally went to find a quieter area to rest. I am fairly certain he kicked one of the geese in the head, that was sitting on a rock he wanted with his dangling feet, probably it was an accident though.


I love watching the geese all take off in the morning, they rest there overnight and then all fly away in groups during the day to raid corn fields or do other official goosey things. Some take off in small groups, sometimes a lot will zoom away together. They look so pretty as they skim along the lake, just barely above it, I bet their wing tips are tapping the water as they build up speed.







When they land you hear the whoosh on the water as they belly land and taxi to a stop. when forty or more do this the sound is so amazing. I have stood on the end of the dock and they have zoomed all around me as they glide in for landings, I could reach out and touch them, they are so close. They never bump into me though. I can feel the disturbance in the air as they pass.



The cottage is filled with the magic of nature, it is where I recharge. I hope we have a nice fall, winter can seem so long.




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Sounds so beautiful and in pace with nature. I too though am glad of heat leaving soon, the 90 plus degrees is getting to me a bit.
    Sounds like a lovely weekend. 🙂

    • We had a long heat spell where the humidity brought the temps to well over 100, Humid heat is just no fun, so having it leave was wonderful. It is returning this weekend, not quite as hot though and the nights should be cooler, I hope.


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