You don’t need a fiddle, but maybe a fork…

Update to yesterdays zucchini dilemma…

I googled to see if there was another way to cook zucchini that we have not tried.  I stumbled across a video where the person posting the recipe said… “I have more zucchini than I know what to do with, So much that I fed it to the cows.”(we don’t have cows, so that is not an option for us…. just saying) When I found this recipe I loved it, sorry cows all the zucchini is mine now.”

Ok, so not having cows I still wanted to try this recipe, but I always change recipes so I will tell you what I did.


Take your yellow zucchini and wash it well. Trim off the ends, who wants to eat wood?

Using your mandolin cutter with your julienne blade, Shredding-Zuchinni-with-Mandolin

slice it to the seeds and then rotate it, leave all the seeds behind, you can dispose of the inner seedy core however you wish. 

Take your sliced zucchinijuliennezucchini and salt it. Salt it heavily, very heavily, move the zucchini about so it is all covered, you are doing this to dry it out a bit, I put some paper towels at the bottom of the bowl to absorb the water.

Leave it alone for 30 minutes, whilst it is firming up chop up some garlic, three or four cloves. (segments) 

In a large frying pan, cover the bottom with olive oil and add your garlic, I added some fresh thyme too, heat the oil over a very very low heat, not enough to cook the garlic, but to soften it and let the flavour to mix into the oil. 

I diced some fresh tomatoes from the garden, a lot of parsley and basil, and a cup of Parmesan cheese was grated, mushrooms would have been nice.

At the 25 minute mark, put on a large pot of hot water (don’t salt it) and bring it to a strong boil. Get another big bowl and fill it with the coldest water you have. when it is boiling (the hot water, not the cold water)  toss in your zucchini, FOR ONE AND ONLY ONE MINUTE. Drain it and toss it into the cold water to stop the cook, rinse it well to remove the salt. Then drain it well again.

Dry it with towels as much as you can. If you don’t dry it, then when you put it in the garlic pan it will boil or steam rather than fry.

Turn the heat up on the garlic pan to medium high.

Put the zucchini in to the garlic pan, you guessed that didn’t you?

Fry it until it is golden brown, stir every once and a while to do this with all surfaces, but don’t stir constantly or it won’t turn golden brown. It browns better if you have a large pan and keep it spread out, this keeps it from steaming and getting mushy. don’t cook it until it is mushy.

When it is just about cooked add the parsley, basil and tomatoes, stir it gently to warm them, you don’t want to cook the tomatoes.

Put it in a serving bowl and sprinkle the cheese on top.



We have to get some cows now, so we can tell them, sorry cows all the zucchini is ours now….

We may need a bigger tractor.

cows are messy. It is why mother nature doesn’t let them fly anymore, you know, after that one flew over the moon…. blech.

hey diddle diddle…. 

oh sheish

Hey, diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.
We want to try the zucchini noodles with a traditional Italian spaghetti sauce next. It will be amazing. 

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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. We don’t have extra zucchini at our house. We love zucchini! Sweet things like zucchini bread, zucchini chocolate spice cake, muffins, cookies etc. If you zoosh it up you can use it in place of oil in most recipes, just like applesauce. We freeze it for baked goods throughout the winter. For savory things I make calabacitas, zucchini pizza, grate it into spaghetti sauce, teriyaki grilled skewers, pasta salad, and one of my new favorite is stroganoff. You just cube the zucchini and roast it or microwave with some salt to pull out extra moisture until almost done. Make the strogonoff sauce and then mix it, let the zucchini finish cooking until tender and serve over hot buttered noodles. I made some good zucchini pickles once, but as I have an abundance of cucumbers I don’t really need additional pickled veggies.

    • I have seen so many recipes for zucchini bread or muffins, I make all our own bread and have created some amazing loaves, but haven’t tried zucchini. I have wondered a lot though if it was just being used as a filler to use it up. I saw a recipe for savory zucchini muffins that may be great with a dinner. The noodles blew me away though, all of us, they were so much better than pasta. I want to try the muffins, then I will decide about bread, if we haven’t eaten it all as noodles before then.

      Do you prefer the yellow zucchini when it is small? We have some that are almost a metre long now.

      • I mostly grow plain green zucchini, cause the squash bugs seem to like the yellow ones better. grrr! but I find them interchangeable. I use the small ones for calabacitas or any dish where the zucchini itself is the star. I use the bigger ones for the sweets and strong flavored dishes as they hold up better.
        Yes they are used for filler in a lot of recipes, but they make them nice and moist, too and generally allows me to cut back on the oil. Also I don’t feel guilty for eating the whole pan because its a vegetable, right? 😉 I love sticking extra veggies in things. I love being able to use my own produce in as many ways as possible and Zucchini really lend themselves to pretty much everything!

        now i need to go make a zucchini loaf and eat it hot with fresh cream cheese. right. now.

      • I planted the yellow, when passing veggie stands in the past I always bought a small yellow and small green to cook as a veggie, for something different. So on a whim I planted the yellow not expecting to have such large veggies begging to be picked, they are huge. I wish the squash plant was growing as many. I will plant them again next year though, the zucchini has new life as a noodle. I have to try some muffins too. 🙂

  2. dad brought home a huge yellow zuch that someone gave him at work. I am stunned he took it home. this sounds delish. dad wont eat it but I will. maybe if I put bacon in it.

    • Hey Rach. 🙂 Watch the big ones, sometimes they go sort of woody. I cooked one last night the same way and we didnt like it, the yellow rind was almost like bark, Maybe peel it if you think it will be woody. Then it will work great. it is delish too.


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