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Breakfast of Champions

It is coooold out. Yesterday was our coldest day.. for that date.. in 20 years.

Yay we won… eeeeps.

So we stayed in. We may shop later today, but it is cold out. Still.

So we had breakfast.



It was yummy.

We set it on fire too. There were cheers. It is nice to have a cozy fire when it is cold out…



You don’t need a fiddle, but maybe a fork…

Update to yesterdays zucchini dilemma…

I googled to see if there was another way to cook zucchini that we have not tried.  I stumbled across a video where the person posting the recipe said… “I have more zucchini than I know what to do with, So much that I fed it to the cows.”(we don’t have cows, so that is not an option for us…. just saying) When I found this recipe I loved it, sorry cows all the zucchini is mine now.”

Ok, so not having cows I still wanted to try this recipe, but I always change recipes so I will tell you what I did.

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bumper crop

September has arrived, though it doesn’t feel like it as we are in another heat wave. If the humidity wasn’t so high I would go yeehaa, but alas, it is like a jungle outside. I am hoping for our long weekend, which shows clear skies in the forecast…00 0000and warm temps…. thermometer,  that the humidity will be lower. 

Our gardens did well for the most part this summer, we planted a huge variety of tomato plants, that yielded lots and lots of different tomatoes from tiny red ones to pear shaped yellow tiny ones yellowPearTomato to larger pineapple tomatoes that were yummy. The plants are still filled with tomatoes that are ripe and ripening, so I will go yeeehaaa now. I think I like the yellow tomatoes best, we have four different kinds of them. They are lower acid and sweeter. 

Oh Oh Oh, look at this, isn’t it wonderful?


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Lazy Monday

A Monday off, a lazy day.

Mother Nature can’t make up her mind today, 

Brilliant sunshine followed with blizzards,

snow filling our view outside

Then the sunshine returns and the snow that fell, blows,

drifting filling the driveway and then blowing away.


Our wind-chimes are singing, the notes clear and pure.

I don’t recognize the song, though I am sure I have heard it before.

We are relaxing today, the weekend was busy.

Today is an inside day, for the most part. 


Aimee and I made lunch, it seemed a feast. Jill watched.

She is determined to, as she says, cook like us.

She just gets so annoyed that we don’t have recipes.

So she takes notes now.


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The holiday recap… or a sneaky way to combine a food post and a movie review… and another very long title.

One more party and the year is over.

Our turkey is gone, someone ate it, hmm they ate a lot of things, those moms. Four moms and a dad shared our Christmas dinner. Three of the moms stayed for a few nights, it was great. After Christmas, when the turkey seemed to vanish we tried something new, which we like to do. hmmm rhyming… oh oh.

Before Christmas we saw a movie, a big movie with small people…. with big feet. that was neat.

oh oh, it continues.

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Just catching up

We are becoming much more settled in our new house, we are even starting to call it home, it is starting to feel that way.


It is interesting what you learn when you have to remedy things in a home. Creaking doors, lights that come on when no one is there… doors that slowly close on their own.


Hey, don’t watch cheesy shows like ghost hunters late at night and then expect to check out some of those things, or even turn off basement lights… I am just saying…

Creaky doors were easy, we squirted oil on the hinges. Pssst be sure to have a rag handy for when it drips.

Lights that come on by themselves were fun also, we have outdoor sensor lights, some inside too, that come on when motion is detected. So when the lights pop on, in a fenced backyard, we all peek out the windows to see who the trespasser is. Then do rock paper scissors to see who gets to check. Seems it is the wind a lot of times, but there are tiny screws on the sensors to adjust them so they are not so sensitive. great… hsp lights, but I digress. 

Doors that close on their own are very annoying, I checked too, there are no ghosts closing them… I don’t think. hmmmm.

But I fixed them, well Megan helped. It is good to involve others in tasks, it makes them feel wanted and needed. 😉

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Cooking for two ~ Creamy chicken casserole

Easter can mean many a thing.

but often it will a family bring.

For a visit, a meal or a weekend fling,

what can be better than when they sing?


Happiness , smiles, giggles and hugs too,

a weekend full of love, I am all a goo.

Many a great meal we did brew, 

one I will now share with you.

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