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It is not ‘your own’ leave it be

You can change your mind, sometimes that is a good thing to do. An example is when you have an idea to make a song “your own”. Then it is a good idea to change your mind. Unless you are thief and are stealing the song? Then it is yours? I am confused. How  can you take someone else’s song and make it your own with out being a thief? When we used to watch Idol, the judges would often say.. make the song your own.  Then when they did, the judges would say you butchered that song, why do you think you are better than the original artist? What gave you the right to butcher their song? The judges were confusing and often made little sense, so we stopped watching idol.

You can change a light bulb. An idea is often associated with light bulbs, like one getting bright as you have a good idea, when it glows dim does this mean it is a bad idea? You know, like making a song your own? Then it is good to change the light bulb, if it is dim like your idea.

 You can change a diaper, you know, for when it really smells bad. It should be changed then. Nelly funlesstado, (yes I changed your name, I made it my own, see how it works?) Your rendition of O Canada was horrific, it was terrible, it was insulting it was dull it was bad it was CRAP. It was annoying, it annoyed me. You must think you are very special?

Some things, just can not be made “your own”.  A national Anthem is a song of pride, it is a song that lives in peoples hearts. It makes some smile, it makes some sad, it makes hearts fill with pride. 




Please never sing our song again, please never sing again. Practice instead, “May I take your order?”

Perhaps you can make that your own.


did I mention that I was annoyed?



What is a few million dollars… here and there. and there. and there.

Recently contract negotiations were conducted between the province of Ontario and some teachers unions. The teachers were adamant that this had nothing to do with wages, it was all about the students welfare. 

In most public sector jobs, wages have been frozen for a while, private sector jobs have been this way for some time, recessions sort of dictate prudent spending. Yes I know the government often ignores prudence. ok runs away from it like it was a plague… 

So when the strike was settled, contrary to promising there was no more money to grant raises, it seems this did take place, though it was not about wages it was all about the students welfare. uhmmm.

Now something is hitting the fan and it is not air.

It has been released that the government, in negations with the unions. Gave the unions some money, not much, just 2.5 million.

What for?

Well that is a good question, but we won’t find that out, it was done in secret, now that the secret is out, they maintain this was done to cover the unions negotiating expenses. HUH?

How was this done? Well we won’t know that either as there were no invoices, no receipts, no accountability in any manor was taken by the government, here is the money. thanks.

Well Education Minister Liz Sandals said (from the Globe and Mail) “

that there are no itemized accounts of exactly what taxpayers’ money paid for. “You’re asking me if I have receipts and invoices. No, I don’t,” Ms. Sandals said when asked if there was any accounting for the expenses, adding she’d “make no apologies” for the payouts.

The minister said she was satisfied $2.5-million was reasonable based on her own knowledge of bargaining expenses. The unions had to spend money for officials to travel to meetings in Toronto, stay in hotels and order pizza during negotiating sessions, she said.

“We know what hotel rooms cost, we know what meeting rooms cost, we know what the food costs, we know what 100 pizzas cost,” she said. “You don’t need to see every bill when you’re doing an estimate of costs. I don’t ask.”

So I am not a business major, but I can push buttons on my calculator, I know I am multi talented. lets see… 100 pizza’s  $800 to $1400 ?  likely they had some sort of gourmet pizza flown in from France though… 

Hotel rooms…  a comfortable room at $200 a night? is that fair? I mean this is or should not be some sort of entitled luxury item right?

so at $200 a night… that is something like 12 THOUSAND nights of hotel rooms… eeeps. I didnt think that many people were involved in the negotiations. 

Hey wait, isn’t this the unions job? To do negotiations? 

So the questions were asked… in past negotiations, were there payouts then as well?

Her answer? “I’m not sure that it is useful to go back and rake through the history,” she said.

Uhm? It is not? Isn’t that how criminals are caught? uhm..

also from the Globe

Premier Kathleen Wynne dodged questions on the subject in the daily Question Period.

She is pretty dodgy. 

It is interesting that the unions that received this money spent so much getting this government elected. Millions and millions. I wonder why?

Future investments?


“And Education Minister Liz Sandals has admitted that the government has repeatedly given such payouts to teachers’ unions over the past decade to compensate them for the cost of collective bargaining with the province. The payments raise tough questions about the government’s claims it is not spending new money to reach labour settlements.”

They are using old money?

I am very annoyed. When is the next election?


Edit… The amount of payouts to unions now has climbed to almost 5 million.


Are you serious?

As I went for a jog last night, I noticed where they have removed a set of train tracks, to make room for a walking trail. This will be nice, I guess the tracks are trainless now… a sign of progress? As our nation stops manufacturing? Global economy, is it a good thing?

From the Globe & Mail:

“The average Canadian family now spends more money on taxes than on food, clothing and shelter, according to a report by the Fraser Institute.

“With growth in the total tax bill outpacing the cost of basic necessities, taxes now eat up more family income, so families have less money available to spend, save or pay down household debt,” said Charles Lammam, director of fiscal studies at the Fraser Institute, in a statement.

The report from the Vancouver-based think tank found that last year, the average Canadian family spent 42.1 per cent of its income on taxes and 36.6 per cent on basic necessities. The average family in that year made $79,010 and paid $33,272 in total taxes while spending just $28,887 on food, clothing and shelter combined.

The institute tracks the numbers through its Canadian Consumer Tax Index, which tracks the total tax bill of the average Canadian family from 1961 to 2014. Taxes tracked include income, payroll, sales, property, health, fuel and alcohol.

Since 1961, the average Canadian family’s total tax bill increased by 1,886 per cent, outpacing increases in food, clothing and shelter, according to the index.”

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Distracted drivers… or moving accidents… looking for a place to happen.

In the fall Ontario is going to enforce some new traffic laws, to help reduce accidents.

MAY2816.pvw (Small)

The aim is to keep distracted drivers from bumping into things, you know, whilst they make that so very important phone call that lasts for their entire trip. I am sure it is important I have seen them talking, they become so animated they use their other hand to emphasize their point… because some people really have to talk with their hands. It is good they have cruise control….  uhm… hmmmm.


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Yes… another rant, sort of

Some things in life are confusing for me.

A Quebec judge just awarded 15 billions to smokers in a class action law suit, which of course the tobacco companies will appeal forever.

The tobacco companies argue that their products were sold legally and warnings were on the package that basically say they will either kill you or harm you severely.  They even provide images of damaged lungs and such on the package that are quite gross to look at. I was going to post some here, but the word blech, just isn’t enough.

There have been cases where the government, in various forms, has sued the tobacco companies.

So there are two, possibly three things about this that confuse me.

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Marketing.. or is it lack there of?

Product size changes.

hmmm, change is good? I mean when things are going along just fine and dandy, we should change the sizes of packages, make them smaller. It is the wise thing to do. Give people less and charge … uhm more? Yup that is a good plan.


no one will notice


Ground beef. I have a beef with this package size change. It is ANNOYING.  where is my explanation mark. !

A while ago, bacon changed from 500 grams to 375. But we found, at costco, better bacon than we were buying, still packed in the 500 gram package, and it is less costly.

So the hamburger people said, that was such a great idea, lets do this too.


Ok, so I plan on making a meat loaf, the recipe in my head calls for 500 grams…. about a pound of ground beef. Most recipes seem to follow with using a pound of ground beef when you follow along, it is a good amount.

But now the package of ground beef they were advertising at such a great price…. when you read the size… was only 375 grams….

Do I add extra bread crumbs?

another egg?

lots of extra seasoning?


me thinks… someone in marketing land…. is a total idiot.

When we buy ground beef to make hamburgers, which we did last night, and they were yummy, a 375 gram package, will only make three burgers. Jill doesn’t get one?

She will be annoyed. We will have to hide when we eat ours, so as not to upset her….

We should make extra french fries?

When the marketing person feels bad about their silliness and it torments them, when they come for therapy, I will have five minute sessions for them, so as not to upset them.

I will of course invoice them  for an hour. You know, to keep with their trend.








I am just going to post this video, it says it all. 

Yay Rick Mercer!