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Breakfast of Champions

It is coooold out. Yesterday was our coldest day.. for that date.. in 20 years.

Yay we won… eeeeps.

So we stayed in. We may shop later today, but it is cold out. Still.

So we had breakfast.



It was yummy.

We set it on fire too. There were cheers. It is nice to have a cozy fire when it is cold out…



bumper crop

September has arrived, though it doesn’t feel like it as we are in another heat wave. If the humidity wasn’t so high I would go yeehaa, but alas, it is like a jungle outside. I am hoping for our long weekend, which shows clear skies in the forecast…00 0000and warm temps…. thermometer,  that the humidity will be lower. 

Our gardens did well for the most part this summer, we planted a huge variety of tomato plants, that yielded lots and lots of different tomatoes from tiny red ones to pear shaped yellow tiny ones yellowPearTomato to larger pineapple tomatoes that were yummy. The plants are still filled with tomatoes that are ripe and ripening, so I will go yeeehaaa now. I think I like the yellow tomatoes best, we have four different kinds of them. They are lower acid and sweeter. 

Oh Oh Oh, look at this, isn’t it wonderful?


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mmmmmm burgers and fries… sort of.

mmmmmm burgers and fries… sort of.

Last night we felt like having hamburgers, it was raining out, quite hard, so we decided we should cook indoors. I have found a burger that is fried is moister than grilling, so this was not bad news. We would have to tough it out with moist burgers.

Of course with a burger you need fries. Nice thick cut ones, hmmm wrong image.  fries (Small)

Then we thought hmmm,.. fries with gravy is very nice too. fries gravy (Small)

Having a French Canadian background, when you have fries with gravy you automatically reach for cheese curds…..poutine (Small) because poutine is just so great. 

But we were out of cheese curds. (insert sad face here)

We did stumble across a large wheel of brie that we had though… hmmmm

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Marketing.. or is it lack there of?

Product size changes.

hmmm, change is good? I mean when things are going along just fine and dandy, we should change the sizes of packages, make them smaller. It is the wise thing to do. Give people less and charge … uhm more? Yup that is a good plan.


no one will notice


Ground beef. I have a beef with this package size change. It is ANNOYING.  where is my explanation mark. !

A while ago, bacon changed from 500 grams to 375. But we found, at costco, better bacon than we were buying, still packed in the 500 gram package, and it is less costly.

So the hamburger people said, that was such a great idea, lets do this too.


Ok, so I plan on making a meat loaf, the recipe in my head calls for 500 grams…. about a pound of ground beef. Most recipes seem to follow with using a pound of ground beef when you follow along, it is a good amount.

But now the package of ground beef they were advertising at such a great price…. when you read the size… was only 375 grams….

Do I add extra bread crumbs?

another egg?

lots of extra seasoning?


me thinks… someone in marketing land…. is a total idiot.

When we buy ground beef to make hamburgers, which we did last night, and they were yummy, a 375 gram package, will only make three burgers. Jill doesn’t get one?

She will be annoyed. We will have to hide when we eat ours, so as not to upset her….

We should make extra french fries?

When the marketing person feels bad about their silliness and it torments them, when they come for therapy, I will have five minute sessions for them, so as not to upset them.

I will of course invoice them  for an hour. You know, to keep with their trend.





Indulging… part deux

Chocolate bars

Oh, did you start to drool? Maybe if you live in the U.S. you didn’t. 

I knew that some of the chocolate bars in Canada were not the same as the ones in the U.S.

1401237_10151719736006615_415408992_o-e1384967264545 (Small)

Rockets… not smarties, Smarties are different. Scroll down to see.


Some have the same names, but are totally different treats for some reason. But there are some that we enjoy here that are just not available down south at all. I googled to be sure, alas some of the best ones too!

I wonder if the reverse is true. The article I googled from cottage life said that :

Finding out that American chocolate bars use a different recipe will come as no surprise to Canadians who have purchased their favourite sweet south of the border, only to discover a coarser and waxier texture. But not only do Canadians have their own Canadian-ized versions of chocolate bars found throughout North America, we also have treats that are all our own.

Waxier? omg, blech, who likes chocolate that is waxy?

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Sometimes it is ok to indulge

Ok so I like potato chips. They may be called crisps too. I think they even have a potato chip day. I wonder who started that?

Potato chips on a white background.

They come in many flavours, the companies making them are always trying something new. One company, for the past couple of years, has run a contest, where people send in ideas. Then people vote for their favourite, if the winning chip does well they get a share of the proceeds and a cash prize I think. I think I read that the winning flavour last year did so poorly that they discontinued it, hmmm if it loses money does the person submitting the idea have to cover costs?

Some of the different chips they make are very unique. uhm… yes that is the word. 

Maple Moose? eeeeps

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Lazy Monday

A Monday off, a lazy day.

Mother Nature can’t make up her mind today, 

Brilliant sunshine followed with blizzards,

snow filling our view outside

Then the sunshine returns and the snow that fell, blows,

drifting filling the driveway and then blowing away.


Our wind-chimes are singing, the notes clear and pure.

I don’t recognize the song, though I am sure I have heard it before.

We are relaxing today, the weekend was busy.

Today is an inside day, for the most part. 


Aimee and I made lunch, it seemed a feast. Jill watched.

She is determined to, as she says, cook like us.

She just gets so annoyed that we don’t have recipes.

So she takes notes now.


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