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Lets have a ball…



I am feeling batty. 

You can do it!

I have an urge to bake something,

hmmm wonder what I should bake.

I do have a lot of apples…



lets go, blue jays, let’s, play, ball.


Life is not blue and white.

Woo hoo Mr Putin made a new flag.

They, his group of flag making people or “he” call/s it the Straight flag. Though I bet when it is flying that it bends with the wind. I think he or someone may have borrowed the flag from some French group as they were annoyed but he did change the colour of it from theirs (seems their flag is limited in scope as well) so it is now original right? You keep the design but change the colour so it is a new design. ?

I suspected that he rushed his flag to production though. as it was just blue and white. Oh here is his preliminary flag. russia-unveils-straight-pride-flag

I said preliminary as I am sure he meant to colour it, just being in a hurry and all, he must have skipped a step. So I dabbed on a bit of colour. 

I tweeted the new flag too, seems many agreed, last I checked, in ten hours or so some 17,000 people viewed it. Oh I just checked, it is 19,000 now, since I started typing another two thousand took a peek.

Here it is, the finished version that Mr. Putin can borrow, it looks much nicer now I think. I didn’t know what his hashtag said at the bottom of his flag, so not to get into trouble I made a hashtag that is more understandable. 


Psssst…. Mr. Putin, in the 21st century, we have colour.


It is not Ham

It is not Ham

Back Bacon

Peameal bacon

Canadian Bacon

Three different things?


But it seems that many buy or eat what they call Canadian bacon, and it is not. It is some strange ham that is usually dry and they are missing out on something tasty. ♫


This is not Canadian Bacon, stop blaming us for it.

This is Ham.

So what is Canadian peameal back bacon?

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 America’s got talent is interesting, not so much that there is talent there…. eeeps, well there are some very good acts. The judges have changed though, Yes the same ones as last year, but the annoying conflict that was occurring has gone that the previous judges had, that made the show so annoying to watch, I do miss Sharon though, for the most part the new judges get along very well. Most of the time, and always when it is important.

It was important on last nights show.

The new judges show compassion. 

Last night, a girl was getting ready to preform. She was to sing. Not everyone is suited to stand before a large audience and sing, it is a daunting thing to face so many, with expectations. This does not even take into account all the back stage people, all the lights and the cameras. 

When you suffer with anxiety, it is beyond understanding for most, at what you must overcome. It is mind numbing in fact.

This video clip is from last nights show.

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Lindsey Stirling


Sometimes a name pops up, a new singer or a new instrumentalist and you go.. oh I have heard of them.. and then you perhaps forget again.

Some spring up faster for you, once you hear them. Some may have been about for a while and you just didnt run across them.

Last week I heard of one and was going to peek and then forgot until watching Dancing with the Stars this week and she was featured, woo hoo I remembered so I peeked more.


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Two for Two, Yay Canada!


women hockey

mens hockey


Yay! Another close one, phew.

Wooooooooooooooot Again!


doo bee doo bee doo