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Speak Out

Things are seen, things are not. 

Some should be, seen that is, some should be shared. 

Some things should not be hidden, though they are

We need to grow up.

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Dealing with panic attacks, can you

So the first to posts were to make you familiar with a panic attack. This one will be more on what to do if you are having one or are with someone that is having one.

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A new year.. new courses and positive changes for you to engineer

Hello my peer
now it is time to cheer
no not one jeer
have no fear

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The draining power of depression

It’s hold is strong yet unseen

shapeless darkness, that can only be felt

so convincing, but in all the wrong ways

tenacious and dark, yet so powerful

draining, demotivating, saddening

Its goal is to mold, but to remove definition

to make you fade, to a mere shadow too


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