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How to deal with someone with borderline personality disorder

I am doing an unexpected, for me, post. Sometimes with most posts I will have a plan for a few days that perhaps this is where one will go, many times I will have a draft simmering that I will finish off.. or for some they can be a recipe, or something fun… or even something that happened that caught me or my eye.

I have noticed though a search term coming up quite often. “how to deal with someone with borderline personality disorder” in my dashboard.

Not my favorite title for a blog, sort of insulting in a fashion, and this is not my intent, more to just answer the search term as I have seen it so often this past week.

When people reach out for advice, tis hard not to reply somewhat.

I would like help with this too, many of my followers have BPD, and who can offer better insight?

Everyone is different, so I am starting that way. People are people, someone that suffers with BPD… well they are no different than you, perhaps they just have some challenges to overcome. With your help too, that can be easier. It can be challenging for you as well.

Living with or working with someone that suffers with BPD can be challenging. Even difficult. It can be very rewarding too, as these people are often very very bright, creative and yes loving.

I have a short answer for that search term. Understanding. 

Sounds simple right? Here is the twist though. You will not be able to understand. Not fully. Don’t try. Accept.

For my BPD readers, I will be referring to bpd sufferers as they, them.. tis not being callous, I just don’t like to keep writing bpd sufferers. I also skip around the term borderlines. You are not borderlines, you may suffer with it, it may be a part of you, but it is not you. right? I know it is an “accepted term” Borderlines, I just don’t really like labels.

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