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Weekend Fun

wow, two weeks in a row we went to the movies!


But now we will be eating rice and rock soup for a month…. maybe two!

Guess what we saw this week?

jack-the-giant-killer-09 (Small)

Did you say Jack the Giant Killer?

if you did….. you are wrong.

so what did we see then, click on to see


How to spend a snow day… part two

Snow days, just the name still makes one grin. What to do, well anything works.

relax, eat, party, have a baby, shovel, read…  

We shoveled a lot, I mean a lot. After an hour or so the signs of shoveling were gone.

Finally we gave up, some friends managed to walk over so we just relaxed.

oh alright, we partied. lol.

Pizza, we knew there was no chance of going out to get one, and expecting delivery was a bit silly, so we made some.


oh we didn’t have a baby.. just in case you caught that… but someone did.

what kind of pizza? oh and the best way to spend a snow day is yet to come, click on to see

Snow Day

Guess what today is.. no don’t peek at the title, that is too good a clue

give up?

Its A

snow-daywoo hoo and on a Friday, is that good planning or what?

So what to do on a snow day, well click on and you may find out

Creative Dinner Night

Creative Dinner Night, that is what we call it.

When we all contribute, but without any pre-planning. It usually works out, sometimes it is just… blech. lol

So, four roommates working in the kitchen, in case you haven’t been following along, of course I am one of the four. Yes there is a lot of hi-jinx and giggling. Often quite a clean up afterwards too. That is what makes it fun!

So what did we cook tonight? oh gawds.. we have to name it? *checks the rules* nope, no names are required.. hmmm, perhaps we should change that rule.

ok on with the hmmm dinner, that is it.

so if you dare, click and read on, for there is … uhm… more

It’s the Weekend…. yet again

woo hoo, it is almost here.. the countdown has started


So what to do this weekend…

, we need a list or plans, something to do.. click on there is more

Time to decorate

It is less than a month away…. 

Festivities abound.. wait… don’t they?

Well they should. *stomps my feet* it is time to put up some Christmas cheer. We have.

Not the tree yet, that goes up this weekend. oh, we need some eggnog, you need eggnog when you trim the tree. *makes note to self…. dear self… get Jill to make some eggnog*

There. Delegation. *grins*, now on to business 

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