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Trick or hmmmm hey those are my treats

It is getting closer again, that night when we train our youth to go door to door to become candy thieves…

It is horrible, we buy all these wonderful sized titbits of chocolate, candy and tiny bags of chips…. and they ring the bell and ask for them or threaten to do dastardly tricks….

We are not sure how many will come to our door this year, each neighbour we ask has a different estimate, I think we need to have enough for four hundred of them.


Well we could have one to two hundred, maybe more who knows?

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Here comes Halloween…. and all the tiny thieves… uhm nice children…

It is coming again…. that time of year where the nasty little monsters knock on our door and steal my candy. 

I mean, when the cute costumed little people smile and shout “Trick or Treat” and we fill their bags with very nice chocolate bars… and licorice… and chips… omg they take it all too

But they look so cute and we have a lot of fun with them.

There should be more rules against this… isn’t it great?

So we have been thinking of our pumpkins again. What theme, how many…  Maybe even some squash carvings too?

halloween-21st-century-decorations (Small)

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