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Wondering why you get migraines?

I haven’t touched on this subject in a while.



We all have varying degrees of this.

There are some of us, actually it may be one in four or one in five, that have more sensitivity, more empathy. With this gift can follow other gifts, that are not as nice.

Migraines are one.

Someone that has migraines will know, that stimuli seems to be more powerful when you have one. Light, noises, smells, hot cold, being near people… many things are more felt, more unwanted when suffering with one. We, yes we, are more sensitive to stimuli, hypersensitive even.

This sensitivity is often felt when not with the migraine as well. We are more aware of smells, light our surroundings than others. There are many reasons why someone may suffer with a migraine, or have them much more often. Tests are run, you are connected to machines, poked and probed. Tis good to do this, to be sure there is not an underlying medical reason for having them.

Often the tests all come back negative, this is good right? So then we wonder why we keep having them, for this too, there are many reasons.

Sometimes it is because about 20% of the population is more sensitive, more tuned in. The term is highly sensitive person or HSP. You are born with this, it is not something that happened to you. A person that is a HSP has more receptors, takes in more information. This can apply to sense of smell, empathy, many things. It is like feeling a fine piece of silk using eight fingers and both thumbs rather than one.

This abundance of information can sometimes be overwhelming, most are not aware that they are taking in more information, what do they have to gauge it with? Is everyone not this way? This over abundance of information can often cause migraines, there seems to be a very strong connection. Powerful emotions can be felt, but where others know when someone is upset, someone with HSP may feel the same feelings, become upset in the same way, in crowds this can be overpowering. In settings where emotions are higher, this can be overpowering. 

Migraines can be triggered.

When someone discovers that they perhaps feel some things differently, more powerfully, than others do, they have that aaaha moment. All the loose marbles are suddenly gathered up into a neat package, they stop rolling around making all that noise in our heads.

Well not quite, but it does help. When you learn why you feel someone’s emotions before they are aware of them, why it seems you can almost read minds at times, why light may hurt, why sounds become too much, why crowds are overwhelming and so much more, you can learn to adjust. Or to know, you won’t be in the crowd too long, so when you are out, this feeling will pass.

This power to receive more data, yes power, can lead to more creativity, many artists are found to be HSP.  I have heard the term that an HSP watches the world in high definition. 

This heightened awareness can trigger the flight or fight response faster for some, it can cause an increase of anxiety. Not for all though, as we are all different. Introverted is also often the case, but again, not always.

 The feeling with a migraine is often that your head is going to explode, this is often the feeling a Highly Sensitive Person  will feel with all the information being processed, there is a connection.

Does a repetitive sound, like someone absently drumming their fingernails make you want to scream? That dripping faucet that others don’t seem to hear, the smell that is barely there for others, you are finding very annoying. 

A very quiet acoustic guitar verses a concert with a loud band is often something that makes you smile inside.

Pausing to watch the ripples on a lake and finding such deep peace in this, in fact water of many types, even a shower, can have a strong pull for you. A healing power too. A restoration.

Someone that is a Highly Sensitive Person has many traits. They will vary for each, you can google this if you are curious. 

Perhaps there is a reason for your migraines after all, maybe your bag of marbles is sorted out now.






Barley Soup


It sticks to your tummy and makes you smile.

I can’t go far from the encampment in the living room before the bell rings… I am not sure where Aimee got that bell but… oh well… So it is a cooking day for me. That darn bell sure seems to ring a lot though….

I did have a Doctor over today and she gave them antibiotics and vitamin D and vitamin C shots. That will straighten them out. I didn’t want to bundle them up and take them out, it is cold and windy… and I knew they would not go, so I snuck in a Doctor,  they couldn’t exactly say they were not feeling sick when she arrived, all covered in their blankies ringing that darn bell... So She didn’t have to insist much. High five to me. 🙂

I am making a tomato veggie juice, sort of like V8 but it is more like V15 and tastes so much better. French bran bread and beef barley soup.

Can you smell the kitchen?

I think I will make some cookies too. I don’t know what kind yet.

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Enough already, no more flu

I don’t like colds, hmm or flu, not really sure what it is, but I don’t like it.


This one has been hanging on for some time now, I am quite tired of it. I think today I am feeling better, but I know it is still lurking. 

To make things worse, now my roomies seem to be not feeling the best either. 

Now that is irksome, because if they are sick, who is going to take care of me?

I mean… really… Oh I am sure I am going to get a dirty look now, perhaps three of them, lol… sort of like the one I received this morning when I told Aimee to stay away…. she is sick and I don’t want to catch it. eeeeps

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Dealing with thoughts… anxiety… insomnia

hmmm an ambitious title.

Anxiety is often like insomnia, and of course can cause it. When we can not sleep, it is often because of thoughts… those silly ones.. what if I didn’t water my plants today, did I lock the door, did I study the right topics, what if it rains, snows, what if it doesn’t… and on and on.. or more serious ones, I can’t pay my bills this month… I am going in for surgery tomorrow…

The mind will keep us awake for hours, sorting things out, we are trying to sleep so have released control of it. It is doing what it wants, like an unsupervised child, jumping from thing to thing in a toy store.

Anxiety is like this. We have released control and are allowing our mind to wander, to form thoughts that torment us. Most often those thoughts are not logical, not likely to happen, but we can’t turn them off.

Or can we?

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What Makes You…


please read the above post by Stacey.


What causes mental illness?


wow, what a loaded question. We of course strive to discover the root causes of each “disorder”. It really is like chasing the floating dandelion seeds as they float over a field.

16806-desktop-wallpapers-dandelion (Small)

The reasons are many and often elusive 

Oh there are some that we can identify with, sometimes. Many will begin in childhood. The developmental years. Events can shape a child’s mind. 

Many begin before this, premature births have a higher indecent of mental illness. Genes are also contributory  factors, but with both scenarios, not at all times though. 

We continue to learn.

but do we?

we need to learn faster. No, not what causes mental health problems, but yes that would be great, we need to learn faster other things. 

When someone is struggling, we need to see this. We need to help.

not dismiss.

maybe they are not just acting out, maybe it is not just “angst” Maybe they are not attention seekers or just “quiet”

maybe we need to LOOK MORE CLOSELY

How many people are struggling, without knowing why, with a mental illness?

at any age

How many seek help.. but help is elusive, expensive or not available in their area? OMG TOO MANY

Stacey makes it clear, I think, in this post.

The Part-Time Writer


bpd2This isn’t going to be a scientific piece, full of journal references and discussions about the amygdala. Once upon a time, that was the only kind of writing I did, but not today.

Not because I can’t write like that anymore; I’m sure, given time and materials to fully research the topic, I could write a reasonably professional sounding report into the causes of BPD. No – I’m not writing that type of piece because I don’t think anyone can say definitively that “this” or “that” causes BPD in people.

All I will say is that current scientific research appears to indicate that BPD “might” be caused by a genetic mutation; that it is caused by approximately 40%/60% genetic/environmental factors. I’ll go with that.

bpd3I’ve read several BPD-based blogs over the past few months and opinions differ greatly. Some people squarely put the blame on environmental factors – the unvalidating childhood…

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Darn it. Make some soup.

A post of a different type.

Well not so different, this one combines two things.. food and health.

Sometimes we don’t feel like cooking.. or eating for that matter. Food loses its appeal at times. Medications can do this often. But we have to eat still, those times we need to eat more carefully, if we are eating less we must eat smarter.

but we must eat.

Soup is good. Easy to make and you can have tiny amounts more often. For those times when it is hard to eat, eating smaller amounts is easier.. but as I just said.. more often.

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Friends are for keeps

even when one weeps

Smiles and tears are shared

for this is why they were paired


close together or far apart

they are always in each others heart

sharing stories, recipes and pranks

this is friendship, that you gives you such thanks


Like a tree’s canopy spreading in its growth

friendship expands and strengthens for both

little bumps in the road can be shared

smoother when you know your friend cared


grumbling about the weather

jousting with a feather

dancers on a show

uhm.. stars you know


offering tips

helping with blips

learning and nourishing

the friendship flourishing


but when the bump in the road

a mountain becomes

friends gather

to tear it down


to be leaned upon

to cry with

to laff with

to fight together


To share strength

to listen

and to hug

but mostly to be a friend.


because close or far

here or there

with a friend

you are never alone