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Boxing Day

Where did the name boxing day come from?

oh, wait, because we package up all our unwanted ill-fitting Christmas gifts and return them to the stores the day after Christmas….


It was a good idea?

do I get points? nope.

ok.. well you know what to do

click and read on to see why… there is more


The Secret of Christmas

Some know it, some don’t


Because it is a Secret.


what is the secret? read on there’s more!

Santa is coming

Santa has a lot of places to visit Christmas Eve.

But those darn Reindeer and their reindeer games….

what happens when they are off playing on that important date?


Santa still has to make the trip…

What to do’?

so ho ho ho, see how he will go, read on there’s more!

The Wonderment of Christmas

What is that special feeling….

The sort of happy glow…

The Christmas spirit many search for?

Is it the excitement of what you may receive….

or have you discovered that giving is truly where the excitement lies?

The wondrous look as you gaze at the lights..

decorations and think back… or ahead…….

Is that look only visible on a child’s face?


well you can’t stop now, click and read, there’s more!

Christmas Bells


Christmas Bells

Another decoration, but also with tradition and function.

Oh, and pretty sounds.

so ring on.. I mean read on, there’s more!