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Silent Suggestions


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Sometimes it is ok to indulge

Ok so I like potato chips. They may be called crisps too. I think they even have a potato chip day. I wonder who started that?

Potato chips on a white background.

They come in many flavours, the companies making them are always trying something new. One company, for the past couple of years, has run a contest, where people send in ideas. Then people vote for their favourite, if the winning chip does well they get a share of the proceeds and a cash prize I think. I think I read that the winning flavour last year did so poorly that they discontinued it, hmmm if it loses money does the person submitting the idea have to cover costs?

Some of the different chips they make are very unique. uhm… yes that is the word. 

Maple Moose? eeeeps

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cash prizes, awards and merry making

I received this from wordpress today
Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 3 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
Along with a gold watch, diamond ring, cash award, wine shaped glass icon, trophy, long thank you email, Trip on the company jet to a vacation spot of my choiceA share in the advertising revenue that my blog of almost 60 thousand visits generated

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A StrAngE WiNter

The past, hmmm couple? of winters have not been “normal” for us. Almost no snow and temperatures that bounce radically.

It wasn’t long ago, that we had snow banks that were well over my head…. wait.. ok over your head too, no “height challenged” comments. 

Winter with no snow, is easy to drive and walk in, but with snow you can do more fun things.

oh there is more, pictures too, even some fun ones, click on to see