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The Elusive Nap

I have spoken about sleep before, a few times. I am a nagger though, repetitiveness is often the name of my game, so here I am again rambling on about napping…

Napping is often what we do at night, rather than sleep. Just take short naps and then awake, fighting to return to our sleep, or fighting sleep… or nightmares… or night terrors, that awakened us so cruelly.

Insomnia is  very common, there are many things that can cause it.

Waking quickly, our bodies locked in a ridged state, totally unable to move, a night terror having just ripped through our mind, leaving us in a very aroused state, panicking. We can have panic attacks whilst sleeping also, and then awake so quickly, wanting to escape, to runnnnnnnnn… but our bodies are locked, paralyzed, our minds are so confused.

Does this sound like a scary movie?

Unfortunately it is not. 

Sleep can be very elusive and when it starts to hide from us we suffer.

Depression and insomnia carry strong ties. Though a lack of sleep may not cause depression, it will deepen it considerably. Over longer periods the likelihood of this happening increases considerably.  

Mental Disorders, though may not cause insomnia, in round about ways contribute to it. ADD/ADHD, Bipolar, OCD/Anxiety disorders,  being prime examples, and of course PTSD. But insomnia can also weaken us and studies now lead to the possibility of longer periods of insomnia increasing our chance of developing a disorder.


Get a snack, this will be long….


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Dealing with thoughts… anxiety… insomnia

hmmm an ambitious title.

Anxiety is often like insomnia, and of course can cause it. When we can not sleep, it is often because of thoughts… those silly ones.. what if I didn’t water my plants today, did I lock the door, did I study the right topics, what if it rains, snows, what if it doesn’t… and on and on.. or more serious ones, I can’t pay my bills this month… I am going in for surgery tomorrow…

The mind will keep us awake for hours, sorting things out, we are trying to sleep so have released control of it. It is doing what it wants, like an unsupervised child, jumping from thing to thing in a toy store.

Anxiety is like this. We have released control and are allowing our mind to wander, to form thoughts that torment us. Most often those thoughts are not logical, not likely to happen, but we can’t turn them off.

Or can we?

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Sleepy Time


When interesting things happen.

We seem to need to sleep.


It is a terrible waste of time, but without this recharge, we become dysfunctional.

We know what happens if our sleep is disrupted. It is quite apparent to many of us now, having just had a time change. Picture taken on October 29, 2010 in ParSpringing ahead an hour, losing an hour of sleep. 

To see what that tiny hour does to us, that lost hour. Just one hour. It messes us up for a few days.spring9n-1-web

What happens if you stay up to party, quite late. Of course I know nothing of this.

How long does it take to recover from this?

Everyone seems to need different amounts of sleep but not that different.

now this is going to get interesting.. so wiggle your mouse and click on.


Here is where you click.. to continue.. don’t doze off, or perhaps you should