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Memories of the weekend… the lake.. and magic

As the weekend winds down and everyone returns to their homes, the lake is once again a memory until we return. The waters calm as the users depart, The last ripples slowly seeking the shore as the boats are tied and people scurry back to the cities, leaving behind the loons to call  oh so whimsically in that magical way they have. The geese to paddle with their long trails of young following faithfully. The frogs calling out, in their deep throaty way, to each other while the trees whisper to each other as the birds settle in their branches as calmness returns. 

Each visitor to the cottage becomes another memory of the fun had and experiences shared. The campfires, the canoe trips, the screams of delight with water activities to the serenity from a slow canoe paddle over calm water at sunset… and all week long I peek into my head and smile as I visit those memories over and over. They all mix and mingle and join the ones already there, from so long ago…

Ready for another week of instructing and counselling, wishing I could bring all I meet to that special place knowing how it would restore their self, calmness, rationality…  


only 5 days until the weekend… wonder what new memories I will add.

I hope everyone has a great week!


He was always there

There are dates in time that always awaken, memories and emotions.
When I mentioned to someone special, that more were reading my blog than I could imagine.
She told me to just write from my heart Amber. My heart is big and always happy, but sometimes those
dates arrive and tickle it a bit. This is one of those days.

This is probably my most personal post yet and having completed it earlier in the week and setting it to auto publish today, it was very therapeutic. Oh I used a lot of tissues of that you can be sure.
As this is published I am at that place that was and still is so magical, now with my special friends and Mom and a puppy too, building more memories on our island retreat.

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