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Memories can torment us

My last post was about memories, the hidden ones that can cause such disruptions. This post will continue with that topic.

Education is the key toward understanding. This does not mean taking courses, writing exams or studying. Understanding is the way forward to helping remove the stigma attached to Mental Health.

Why do I post about stigma so much?

Because the stigma attached to mental health issues is so detrimental to healing and funding. Because it remains a dark issue, one hidden, it becomes a back burner issue when funds are dispersed as well.

As a society we are not stupid, we have the capability for understanding, compassion, to understand the things that occur in minds is how we can reduce stigma, so rather than worsen how someone feels, we can be more helpful. When someone stretches an arm to receive change and we notice scars on their arm we do not ask probing questions or allow that look of horror slip across our face. How no response other than a smile can go so far. By learning more about the illnesses that occur in minds, we can do so much more. 

Stigma, as I have often said, goes both ways. Someone suffering often, does not wish to seek help or share their torments with friends and family, where they could receive support and help, because some things are just not understood. Or believed.

So this post goes on, hopefully, to making some more aware of what goes on in some minds.

It is also, somewhat a continuation of my last post about memories. Memories can be fuzzy or clear, real or false, the point though, is they are real to the patient. We are not to judge the memory or question it, but to help the patient cope with the memory and its effects. Some memories are as clear and crisp as the day they were recorded, many are fragments that combine to form a memory.

This is where this post is going.

Hidden memories can be haunting for some.  These unconscious roots to the past can set up internal defense mechanisms of denial or dissociation, or more disruptive ones such as redirection/displacement, the list goes on, including aggressive anxiety. It is a long list.

I have, on previous posts, mentioned DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is or was also known as Multiple Personality Disorder, made famous years back with the series Sybil. Memories are very tightly entwined with this disorder and how the patient has coped with trauma, and continues to do so.

Stigma is also a very large part of the trauma associated with DID. For many just can’t comprehend how this can be, or flat out disbelieve it. How does this make someone suffering with it, feel or why would they want to talk to others about it? 

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So you want a label, is this a good thing?

I have done posts before about diagnosis and how this can be difficult.

This post is a bit more narrow as it will deal with one disorder.

Tis a newer one in the grand scope of things, of course I am talking of BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder.

So is it hard to diagnose? Yes and no.

Is it misdiagnosed often? Unfortunately this is often the case.

Why? ahhh, now this is the question. There are answers too.

To clarify the title, I am not saying that a diagnosis is a label. In this case though, it often is.This is the stigma associated with this diagnosis. This is something we must strive to remove from our thinking. 

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tears fell from the sky

matching the tears below

a rainy day…

inside and out

a day of remorse

a day not wanted

a family grouped together

but one is missing

she is lying over there…

quietly waiting

a sad day

how do you explain

what she went through?

how do you comfort them?

you don’t

you can’t

a terrible day

fifteen years.. ended


this is when I again ask


don’t make terrible days

don’t make sad days

don’t make days unwanted

you see…

as terrible as thing are…

as tormented as you feel…

as hopeless as it seems….

there is hope

there is.

you may have to fight

because tomorrow may be the day

the day you see that things are ok

not great.. 

but ok

ok is a start

tears (Small)


please fight

let someone in

let someone help

don’t fight alone




please save me

tw-sign6 (1) (Small)

Whilst memories are strong and emotions high

for I can not sleep

a disjointed post, because it is hard to write

I was not going to write of this, but perhaps it will help

Severe triggering warning. 

A ride along

the panicked call had been placed

Do you know how the siren stirs adrenaline?

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Teen angst? Staying connected with your teenager

Don’t you just love it when someone tells you how to raise your children?

Well then, this should really rattle you then 🙂


oh oh, did you cringe?

It is a great time of life, you know everything that there is to know by then, your body is doing interesting things… Experimenting and testing seems to be the thing to try, push some limits even. Hormones need to be explored…

Parents too, by then you know how difficult they are to raise. 

You love them, but they keep talking to you… I mean why?

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Whats all the hubbub?

You are probably hearing now on the news some controversial talk or have seen some interviews about this “DSM 5” thing.

So what is it? why is there buzz?
Whats going on?

wait you haven’t heard? eeeps.


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Have you ever searched url …… Googled it?

no? really?     Blogging-For-Beginners-Question

I bet you have. I typed why in the search bar for google and received over two billion results. Bing only had some 90 million. Now I haven’t read them all yet, so I can’t comment on the difference, perhaps that could be a search term?

We are an inquisitive lot.

Of course in philosophy the answer is why not. Simple yes?

Sort of a cop out though, too easy an answer.

Why me is asked in life a lot, there is no easy answer for this. Why not is just not appropriate an answer.

Why hunger, why nerds are unpopular, why poverty.. these   are top in the results, farther down why God..  and  Why gender equality stalled.

How did it start?


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