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Olympic hockey is not NHL hockey

There are a lot of differences between Olympic hockey and hockey that we are used to when watching the NHL games.

The Olympic hockey is very exciting, the games are fast and intense, players are on the ice for less than a minute often, before being changed so they can rest. 

They don’t just coast around surprised when the other team scores like some teams… not to name any leafs or anything.. 

There are a lot of differences between the two. Some rules or changes are a bit more subtle and perhaps do not have as much as an impact on the game. Other differences are more pronounced and do.

A lot of NHL players are on the teams, close to 150, so they are used to playing on the NHL ice.  Well the mens teams. But the ladies teams play on NHL ice for some of the countries as well, two for sure. lol.  So the ladies coast out on to the Olympic ice and go woo hoo look at all the room. 😉

The obvious difference is the size of the ice rink.

The NHL ice is about 200 feet by 85 feet. Olympic ice is about 210 by 98. On Olympic ice there is an extra two feet behind the net.

So how does this somewhat tiny change impact the game? It doesn’t sound like a big change, it really does change the way the players used to smaller ice play though. The goal is farther away from the corners, there is more room behind the net for two players, resulting in the puck being taken away from you when you are used to blocking attempts more easily. There is more skating on the Olympic ice.

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