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anxiety and logic… possible?

Anxiety is not logical.

This does not make it any easier to contend with. Knowing this.

When anxiety strikes, logic is nowhere to be seen.

It can help though, logic.

It takes some work.


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Dealing with panic attacks, can you

So the first to posts were to make you familiar with a panic attack. This one will be more on what to do if you are having one or are with someone that is having one.

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What is a Panic Attack?

A Panic Attack is unmistakable. Your first one may be very traumatic. You’re doing something normal, ordinary, and then your heart pounds, breathing becomes difficult. Your legs become wobbly, you know something terrible is about to happen, you may even die. For sure you are having a heart attack. Most will end up in emergency (hospital) when they experience an attack for the first time, Trembling, sweating, shaking.. fearful… feeling like they are losing their mind perhaps.

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Nature is calm… am I?

A day like any other, today was just that
the gentle breeze stirring softly among the slumbering willows
all is calm, relaxed too, natures work of art..
The glinting sun high in the sky, clouds so soft like pillows

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