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Dealing with medication side effects


Pretty much every medication can  and often has a side effect, or two.. or pages of them.

They don’t strike every person the same way, some do not appear at all, whilst some meds will be more of a torment than what they were prescribed to treat.

Often too, as the body acclimates to the medication, side effects fade or become more tolerable.   

Sometimes though, when a new medication is prescribed to you.. and a side effect suddenly makes its appearance…. YOU FREAK OUT.

It most often happens at night… or on the weekend.. when your doctor is unavailable. 

It scares the crap out of you.

stop?.. keep taking it?.. but but but… what to do?

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Whats all the hubbub?

You are probably hearing now on the news some controversial talk or have seen some interviews about this “DSM 5” thing.

So what is it? why is there buzz?
Whats going on?

wait you haven’t heard? eeeps.


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What is a Panic Attack?

A Panic Attack is unmistakable. Your first one may be very traumatic. You’re doing something normal, ordinary, and then your heart pounds, breathing becomes difficult. Your legs become wobbly, you know something terrible is about to happen, you may even die. For sure you are having a heart attack. Most will end up in emergency (hospital) when they experience an attack for the first time, Trembling, sweating, shaking.. fearful… feeling like they are losing their mind perhaps.

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Depression… sucks

Depression Sucks

So, not to go into why you are depressed. You know you are, and you have sought help.  Sometimes more than once, as it didn’t go well the first.. second.. third time.

So how can it be treated, or can it? Why is it not working.

The side effects are terrible.


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