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Happy Easter

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A New Year doth approacheth

Construction is almost complete!


Soon it will be here, so much to do… so much to plan… so little time, we have only had a year to prepare…

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And all the stockings were hung by the chimney with care

More decorations, with a function too.

Christmas Stockings

the tiny things they can hold can be treasures.


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How to wrap Christmas gifts

So do you stop at the wrapping stations in the malls? They do a nice job, nice crisp corners, matching ribbons and bows… not bows left over from last year…. and the year before.. hmm and the years before that. lol.. hey I am a student. 


So how do you wrap your gifts?  Here are some helpful tips.

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free smiles… and awwwws

Today, something light. Little eyes to make you grin.

There is nothing like it. That look. 

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