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Sunny Sunday

Spring finally fell on us. uhm, sprang? springed? sproing? bounced in? eeeeps.

Well it is here. Finally, actually it felt more like summer today, which is good too. Spring springs, fall falls, winter lasts forever and summer does what? hmmm. Well it doesn’t last long enough, of that I am certain. 

We had a great summer like evening last night, company came over, we had a mixed grill on the bbq. Which is a great way to finish a day. Some of my roomies seemed to have a lot of fun last night too, not as much fun this morning I think though. I was sneaking out quietly this morning to get some grass seed to over seed our lawn with, now that it is growing, now that spring finally showed up, whilst they slept in after springing so much, uhm sproinging? 

Aimee decided to come with, tis good to have someone to operate the radio. She asked where we were going, I said I was planning on getting some grass seed. When she finished adjusting the radio she looked around wondering where the grass seed store was that we were going to.

Oh we aren’t getting grass seed right now I told her.

Ok, so where are we going?

I pointed up.

It was just too beautiful a day, clear sky… gentle breeze…

She smiled.

Less than an hour later we went by our house again, to check out the lawn… it actually looked good from a thousand feet. 

Aimee said it was too bad we didn’t pick up the grass seed we could have spread it quite easily from there. eeeeeps.

We landed at a smaller airport and Aimee noticed a familiar car driving up, she smiled again and we had lunch with her mom. She didn’t have any grass seed though, so we had to leave. 

We did finally manage to buy a sack o seed on the way home though. Do you know how many sizes it comes in? We bought a ten kg bag, we have a lot of lawn to over seed, I bet it will go fast. 

Now we will need rain, sheish, then the grass will grow and we will have to cut it, is green cement expensive? 




You should get that looked at

We have Spring Fever, we look out the window wistfully and plan. We think about mowing the grass, washing cars in the driveway, planting flowers in our gardens, making our vegetable garden/s, planting trees, shrubs, pulling weeds, fertilizing the grass… but it was snowing this morning. AGAIN!

I think my spring fever has a cold.

We bought some trees and shrubs last weekend, we didn’t plant them, we just wanted to get them before they were picked over, in case others had spring fever.

Last year, when we bought our house, most of the garden centers didn’t have many trees or shrubs left, and they were pricey. In the spring there are many good deals to be had. Some of the trees are sort of tiny now, but they are cute.

We are excited at some of the plans we have, but we need, uhm, not snow.

We picked out some lilac trees, in different colours, some more pyramid cedars, we planted some last year, but we wanted more to put beside the fence and two on either side of our shed, that we built last year, and is still standing.  We were looking at assorted shrubs to line our patio with, trying to get some that would not become too large. Jill picked out some boxwoods and said they were very cute.  It is good to pick out shrubs that are cute.

We had a lot of trees and shrubs in our four wagons by then so a garden center person came over to help, suspecting a big sale I think. He saw the four of us with wagon loads, and I think he swaggered.. unless he was tripping on the gravel? Guys seem to stumble a lot, have you noticed this?

So the fellow that was helping us …. sort of….. asked if we knew the best time to plant a tree, I thought it may be fall, as I have heard this before, he said no…  the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.

hmmm, I told him that 20 years ago I was seven and my dad didn’t like it when I got the shovel out of the shed…. or hammers too, for some reason.

I didn’t even smirk.

Aimee gave me a secret thumbs up though. Megan started to giggle but pretended it was at a tree.

I noticed he had a nasty cut on his arm that was obviously infected, I said that he should get that looked at as it was infected.

He said, what are you a doctor or something?

Jill piped up, they are all doctors, welcome to my world.

Well it was infected.

We did get a good batch of trees and shrubs though, some of the other trees we want are not in stock yet, so we have to wait for everyone to get spring fever. I tried to spread my germs, to speed this up, I am hoping mother nature gets it soon. I mean, this morning, IT WAS SNOWING OUT! cOMe On AlrEAdY.

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Sometimes it is ok to indulge

Ok so I like potato chips. They may be called crisps too. I think they even have a potato chip day. I wonder who started that?

Potato chips on a white background.

They come in many flavours, the companies making them are always trying something new. One company, for the past couple of years, has run a contest, where people send in ideas. Then people vote for their favourite, if the winning chip does well they get a share of the proceeds and a cash prize I think. I think I read that the winning flavour last year did so poorly that they discontinued it, hmmm if it loses money does the person submitting the idea have to cover costs?

Some of the different chips they make are very unique. uhm… yes that is the word. 

Maple Moose? eeeeps

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Barley Soup


It sticks to your tummy and makes you smile.

I can’t go far from the encampment in the living room before the bell rings… I am not sure where Aimee got that bell but… oh well… So it is a cooking day for me. That darn bell sure seems to ring a lot though….

I did have a Doctor over today and she gave them antibiotics and vitamin D and vitamin C shots. That will straighten them out. I didn’t want to bundle them up and take them out, it is cold and windy… and I knew they would not go, so I snuck in a Doctor,  they couldn’t exactly say they were not feeling sick when she arrived, all covered in their blankies ringing that darn bell... So She didn’t have to insist much. High five to me. 🙂

I am making a tomato veggie juice, sort of like V8 but it is more like V15 and tastes so much better. French bran bread and beef barley soup.

Can you smell the kitchen?

I think I will make some cookies too. I don’t know what kind yet.

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flu update. blech


I suppose that it is good everyone’s appetite is not reduced. Well not too much, I know mine was a bit last week, but I was still hungry. So my roommates are also.. hungry that is. It is better than not wanting any food though, right?

Trouble is, this cold/flu seems to sap energy, you just don’t feel like doing anything. When I was not feeling well I had three of them fluffing my pillows, getting me tea and making snacks… but now in the reverse position… it is just me fluffing pillows, getting slippers, and blankies, tea, hot chocolate, getting wood for the fire, making breakfast… OMG

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Enough already, no more flu

I don’t like colds, hmm or flu, not really sure what it is, but I don’t like it.


This one has been hanging on for some time now, I am quite tired of it. I think today I am feeling better, but I know it is still lurking. 

To make things worse, now my roomies seem to be not feeling the best either. 

Now that is irksome, because if they are sick, who is going to take care of me?

I mean… really… Oh I am sure I am going to get a dirty look now, perhaps three of them, lol… sort of like the one I received this morning when I told Aimee to stay away…. she is sick and I don’t want to catch it. eeeeps

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Brie stuffed chicken breast.

In case you have not poked around, I have three roommates, they are more than just roommates, we are a family, I was going to say great friends, but we are a family.

Aimee and I do most of the cooking, we love to cook and to be not modest… we are not too bad at it. Jill and Megan do cook on occasion, their abilities are becoming improved. Jill is trying hard to learn how to cook with out a recipe, this annoys her that we do this.

I tell her I picture the cooked item in my head and can taste it, so I know what I want to make with out needing a recipe. I know what works even if some things have not been combined together before. We, Jill and I like most the same foods, so teaching her is easier as I don’t run into a YUCK, lol.

She will challenge me with strange ingredient mixes to see what we can do with them. I think she has watched too much of that show Chopped…

Last night I showed her a very easy to do Chicken breast dinner. So as we did it, I pointed out how it could be changed in many ways  and still work.

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