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Some Sillyness

poems, rhymes songs and lullabies…

I can mess them all up 😉

what, you don’t think so? well then peek to see tis a click away


Smiles, more smiles? smiles to brighten your day?

I have notices some posts, previous blogs, attract constant attention.  Large numbers of daily visits.  From countries all over the world. Two posts with the same theme actually draw a lot of visits.  So, what the heck. Lets do another one to see what happens. It would be interesting to read comments from those that are using search engines to find images with this theme, to see why they are looking….  (oh that is a hint by the way)

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Something to help you keep smiling

Here we go, more smiles please.

Every have one of those days? Do they run into weeks? Feels like it sometimes.

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free smiles… and awwwws

Today, something light. Little eyes to make you grin.

There is nothing like it. That look. 

so read on, there’s more!

When you smile.. the whole world smiles with you.

‘Tis true you know

Someone smiles at you, your eyes crinkle, you feel your cheeks move.. that little grin slowly slides into place.. and then you smack them for taking your licorice. lol.. but it is true.. leave my licorice alone. 😆

A really good smile, the whole face lights up, the eyes sparkle like they are giggling. There is no question that children do it best. They don’t hold back, no reservations. Why do we have reservations when we smile?

Why do we hold it back a bit. Oh when you are with people you are very comfortable with, you don’t hold back, your smiles are beautiful.. contagious.

But with someone you don’t know well, a tiny grin perhaps. Maybe a few teeth, but our eyes, do they dance and sparkle?

Why not?

see? and it is not really a smile, but the eyes are giggling… did you go awwww?

*grins* I am not done yet. I have more.

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