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Snow Day… ON A FRIDAY!

Well not for us, but for my friends in the warm sunny south, how great is that?


eeeeps, well snow is fun, you just ordered too much, sheish.


It is ok though. There will be lots of people out to move it around, pssst there is good money to be made removing snow.


Hope everyone giggles, don’t worry it will melt.

'Removal sounds politically incorrect.'

before the big storm…



after the big storm….


awww, look.






planning is everything…. sneaky snow plow drivers plan too much.



Stay safe everyone please.





How to spend a snow day… part two

Snow days, just the name still makes one grin. What to do, well anything works.

relax, eat, party, have a baby, shovel, read…  

We shoveled a lot, I mean a lot. After an hour or so the signs of shoveling were gone.

Finally we gave up, some friends managed to walk over so we just relaxed.

oh alright, we partied. lol.

Pizza, we knew there was no chance of going out to get one, and expecting delivery was a bit silly, so we made some.


oh we didn’t have a baby.. just in case you caught that… but someone did.

what kind of pizza? oh and the best way to spend a snow day is yet to come, click on to see

Snow Day

Guess what today is.. no don’t peek at the title, that is too good a clue

give up?

Its A

snow-daywoo hoo and on a Friday, is that good planning or what?

So what to do on a snow day, well click on and you may find out