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Haiku times two, for you

Yay a bright warmish day…. but don’t hold your breath…. I saw our forecast for tomorrow.


Sunny days vanish

fluffy white tormentors

spring, a fading thought


Mother Nature, blech

stop, this nonsense right away

spring, should be knocking



tick tick tick… Spring is in the air… isn’t it? ….is it?

It is nice that we have four seasons. There are different activities for each one, it grants us variety… Keeps us excited when a new season arrives in all its glory.

Many have but one season, winter all the time or that darn summer all the time. Frankly either one would become dull after a while. Being able to have winter sports/activities and very different summer ones is… uhmmmmm.. wait some have summer all the time? *gasps* but but but… how come we don’t?

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Spring is in the air… hmmm it is?

Spring-32 (Small)


woo hoo spring


Wait, that is not what I meant. But ohhhhh slinky and no batteries required.

Last year I was complaining how hot it was, hmmmm that is not the case this year.

 I love spring where is it?

It is marked spring on the calender 


did mother nature not get one this year?

who is in charge of that?

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