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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

There are many anxiety disorders, they may range in severity in an individual, they may also not be constantly present. 

That is to say, you may go periods where anxiety is not an issue, then it may be.

So we like to name them, though some will overlap. So why name them?

Putting a label on an illness can help determine the treatment. Though labels are not beneficial, we do like to know what it is that torments us.

Anxiety disorders encompass Panic disorders/attacks, PTSD, OCD. Phobias.  Social anxiety and more.

I have posted before about this here, today’s post is about GAD. Generalized anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a terrible thing, it is so powerful and so illogical. This fact will torment someone even more, knowing that there may be no logic to a worry. This doesn’t stop it though. Knowing this though, can be a step in helping you cope with it. Anxiety also torments the body in a psychical way.

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Depression… sucks

Depression Sucks

So, not to go into why you are depressed. You know you are, and you have sought help.  Sometimes more than once, as it didn’t go well the first.. second.. third time.

So how can it be treated, or can it? Why is it not working.

The side effects are terrible.


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PTSD followup – treament

Ok a follow up post, I can’t just leave it the way it was.

Why do traumatic events trigger this in some people, but perhaps not everyone, and how can it be treated.

So this is obviously complicated, but you will see a web weaved, common things.

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why does it take so long to find out what is bothering me.

Today’s blog is scary. I am popping back into the mind, and that can be a very scary place.  Just like any other part of your body, things break, misfire or become ill in the mind. So, why is this scary…

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