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Haiku times two, for you

Yay a bright warmish day…. but don’t hold your breath…. I saw our forecast for tomorrow.


Sunny days vanish

fluffy white tormentors

spring, a fading thought


Mother Nature, blech

stop, this nonsense right away

spring, should be knocking



tick tick tick… Spring is in the air… isn’t it? ….is it?

It is nice that we have four seasons. There are different activities for each one, it grants us variety… Keeps us excited when a new season arrives in all its glory.

Many have but one season, winter all the time or that darn summer all the time. Frankly either one would become dull after a while. Being able to have winter sports/activities and very different summer ones is… uhmmmmm.. wait some have summer all the time? *gasps* but but but… how come we don’t?

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Snow Day

Guess what today is.. no don’t peek at the title, that is too good a clue

give up?

Its A

snow-daywoo hoo and on a Friday, is that good planning or what?

So what to do on a snow day, well click on and you may find out

Happy Groundhog Day

Woo hoo, we can have a party.

wait…. what party snacks go with a day like this… hmmm

oh, jello shots.. *nods wisely*


well I must have more, you will have to click to be sure

A StrAngE WiNter

The past, hmmm couple? of winters have not been “normal” for us. Almost no snow and temperatures that bounce¬†radically.

It wasn’t long ago, that we had snow banks that were well over my head…. wait.. ok over your head too, no “height challenged” comments.¬†

Winter with no snow, is easy to drive and walk in, but with snow you can do more fun things.

oh there is more, pictures too, even some fun ones, click on to see