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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

There are many anxiety disorders, they may range in severity in an individual, they may also not be constantly present. 

That is to say, you may go periods where anxiety is not an issue, then it may be.

So we like to name them, though some will overlap. So why name them?

Putting a label on an illness can help determine the treatment. Though labels are not beneficial, we do like to know what it is that torments us.

Anxiety disorders encompass Panic disorders/attacks, PTSD, OCD. Phobias.  Social anxiety and more.

I have posted before about this here, today’s post is about GAD. Generalized anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a terrible thing, it is so powerful and so illogical. This fact will torment someone even more, knowing that there may be no logic to a worry. This doesn’t stop it though. Knowing this though, can be a step in helping you cope with it. Anxiety also torments the body in a psychical way.

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GAD    ~    OCD    ~     PTSD    ~    PHOBIAS    ~    PANIC DISORDER

Almost everything has short forms. Letters. It doesn’t make you feel any better, and some are just weird together. GAD sounds too much like glad.

Anxiety we all have at times, but there are times too, for some that it becomes more life dominating. Anxiety disorders. There are a few. They often overlap as well.

So this post encompasses a lot. I have a few videos. I have some sadness and I am going to yell at you. Why am I going to yell at you? Well I am frustrated, and if you can’t yell at friends who can you yell at. But I am going to yell at you. *points* yes you.

Today’s post is for information, I hope my next post will offer some help with anxiety. The short answer, is though,  to seek some help from a mental health professional rather than seeking help from a blog posting. I can only do so much with words, you need to seek assistance from someone in person. 🙂  I am not saying this to be mean, and I offer help as much as I can here, it is just not the same as a person to person meeting.

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Your best friend

Peaking around as I do, I found more videos of that dog from yesterdays post.

This dog is just the bestest! There are a lot of videos that have been put up featuring him.  

Have a look, get ready to smile and go awww a bunch of times.

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Dealing with panic attacks, can you

So the first to posts were to make you familiar with a panic attack. This one will be more on what to do if you are having one or are with someone that is having one.

, so on you shall read tis a click away for there is more