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The teenage mind… is it normal?

I am revisiting a topic.

The mind is tricky. We know this. The mind of a teenager is trickier.


Because, though a teenager knows everything, much more than a parent… their mind is still developing, learning, adusting. There is no real “norm” yet, so when things are not clicking along as they perhaps should be, they may not know.

Depression may be their norm.

Anxiety may be their norm.

Anger, frustration, dark thoughts… dark actions.

Turning to self harm to cope with those feelings, thoughts, becomes their norm.

suicide attempts become their norm.



So I see more than the average person, more suffering, more teens that should seek help, when they finally do, when I see them their “norm” is ingrained deeper. In “blog land” I see a lot too. Teens reaching out for help.  Reaching but not seen.

So how does it get to that stage?

help is there

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anxiety and logic… possible?

Anxiety is not logical.

This does not make it any easier to contend with. Knowing this.

When anxiety strikes, logic is nowhere to be seen.

It can help though, logic.

It takes some work.


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Today is another one of those days where a lot sigh and go..

oh look it is another one of those days.


Today is Self Injury Awareness Day.

Why do we need all these days?

Because it is a part of understanding.

So just a short video today.



Self Harm understanding


What is that? *points up*

This is a sign, a warning sign. It is a trigger warning. You may have seen them on some blogs. Or the the words “trigger warning”. I have used them before. So, I am sure that those that know what this means will continue to read at any rate. This time though, I think you should think about that. I am not sure how this post is going yet, as I am writing it on the fly. I know where I am taking it though and I feel this may be a possible strong trigger, so only continue if you are feeling strong right now.

What am I talking about?


What is a trigger?

In Mental Illness there are triggers. Triggers are things, they can be a smell, image, text or situation, that may bring on something. It could be a panic attack, even aggressive anger. It could also bring on urges. Urges to perhaps do something reckless, this could be a shopping spree, it could be something sexual. It could also bring on the urge to do some self harm or sadly to end their life.   

Today, this post, will be about self harm. This is aimed at the people who do not do so, in the hope that you can obtain an understanding of this. Perhaps some compassion.

For those that do, here is a blog with a lot of coping tips, coping techniques please take a look at it. Read Kevin’s bio, to show this is not written by just another person.

so, click on to read more. or not if you feel this could be a trigger. 

there is more, so click on, perhaps it will help you understand.

Self Harm

Trigger warning.

This is probably my most serious blog to date. I am going to discuss something many of you may not have heard of, hopefully not seen, hopefully not done. But should be aware of and I want you to understand why and not to judge.
Please read on reminds about the warning, there’s more!


The follow post up to yesterdays question


But that doesn’t compare to what I do to myself when you’re not there

so on we go to see the results, there’s more!