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Barley Soup


It sticks to your tummy and makes you smile.

I can’t go far from the encampment in the living room before the bell rings… I am not sure where Aimee got that bell but… oh well… So it is a cooking day for me. That darn bell sure seems to ring a lot though….

I did have a Doctor over today and she gave them antibiotics and vitamin D and vitamin C shots. That will straighten them out. I didn’t want to bundle them up and take them out, it is cold and windy… and I knew they would not go, so I snuck in a Doctor,  they couldn’t exactly say they were not feeling sick when she arrived, all covered in their blankies ringing that darn bell... So She didn’t have to insist much. High five to me. 🙂

I am making a tomato veggie juice, sort of like V8 but it is more like V15 and tastes so much better. French bran bread and beef barley soup.

Can you smell the kitchen?

I think I will make some cookies too. I don’t know what kind yet.

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flu update. blech


I suppose that it is good everyone’s appetite is not reduced. Well not too much, I know mine was a bit last week, but I was still hungry. So my roommates are also.. hungry that is. It is better than not wanting any food though, right?

Trouble is, this cold/flu seems to sap energy, you just don’t feel like doing anything. When I was not feeling well I had three of them fluffing my pillows, getting me tea and making snacks… but now in the reverse position… it is just me fluffing pillows, getting slippers, and blankies, tea, hot chocolate, getting wood for the fire, making breakfast… OMG

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Enough already, no more flu

I don’t like colds, hmm or flu, not really sure what it is, but I don’t like it.


This one has been hanging on for some time now, I am quite tired of it. I think today I am feeling better, but I know it is still lurking. 

To make things worse, now my roomies seem to be not feeling the best either. 

Now that is irksome, because if they are sick, who is going to take care of me?

I mean… really… Oh I am sure I am going to get a dirty look now, perhaps three of them, lol… sort of like the one I received this morning when I told Aimee to stay away…. she is sick and I don’t want to catch it. eeeeps

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goes for awwwws…….



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