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Sunny Sunday

Spring finally fell on us. uhm, sprang? springed? sproing? bounced in? eeeeps.

Well it is here. Finally, actually it felt more like summer today, which is good too. Spring springs, fall falls, winter lasts forever and summer does what? hmmm. Well it doesn’t last long enough, of that I am certain. 

We had a great summer like evening last night, company came over, we had a mixed grill on the bbq. Which is a great way to finish a day. Some of my roomies seemed to have a lot of fun last night too, not as much fun this morning I think though. I was sneaking out quietly this morning to get some grass seed to over seed our lawn with, now that it is growing, now that spring finally showed up, whilst they slept in after springing so much, uhm sproinging? 

Aimee decided to come with, tis good to have someone to operate the radio. She asked where we were going, I said I was planning on getting some grass seed. When she finished adjusting the radio she looked around wondering where the grass seed store was that we were going to.

Oh we aren’t getting grass seed right now I told her.

Ok, so where are we going?

I pointed up.

It was just too beautiful a day, clear sky… gentle breeze…

She smiled.

Less than an hour later we went by our house again, to check out the lawn… it actually looked good from a thousand feet. 

Aimee said it was too bad we didn’t pick up the grass seed we could have spread it quite easily from there. eeeeeps.

We landed at a smaller airport and Aimee noticed a familiar car driving up, she smiled again and we had lunch with her mom. She didn’t have any grass seed though, so we had to leave. 

We did finally manage to buy a sack o seed on the way home though. Do you know how many sizes it comes in? We bought a ten kg bag, we have a lot of lawn to over seed, I bet it will go fast. 

Now we will need rain, sheish, then the grass will grow and we will have to cut it, is green cement expensive? 




You should get that looked at

We have Spring Fever, we look out the window wistfully and plan. We think about mowing the grass, washing cars in the driveway, planting flowers in our gardens, making our vegetable garden/s, planting trees, shrubs, pulling weeds, fertilizing the grass… but it was snowing this morning. AGAIN!

I think my spring fever has a cold.

We bought some trees and shrubs last weekend, we didn’t plant them, we just wanted to get them before they were picked over, in case others had spring fever.

Last year, when we bought our house, most of the garden centers didn’t have many trees or shrubs left, and they were pricey. In the spring there are many good deals to be had. Some of the trees are sort of tiny now, but they are cute.

We are excited at some of the plans we have, but we need, uhm, not snow.

We picked out some lilac trees, in different colours, some more pyramid cedars, we planted some last year, but we wanted more to put beside the fence and two on either side of our shed, that we built last year, and is still standing.  We were looking at assorted shrubs to line our patio with, trying to get some that would not become too large. Jill picked out some boxwoods and said they were very cute.  It is good to pick out shrubs that are cute.

We had a lot of trees and shrubs in our four wagons by then so a garden center person came over to help, suspecting a big sale I think. He saw the four of us with wagon loads, and I think he swaggered.. unless he was tripping on the gravel? Guys seem to stumble a lot, have you noticed this?

So the fellow that was helping us …. sort of….. asked if we knew the best time to plant a tree, I thought it may be fall, as I have heard this before, he said no…  the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.

hmmm, I told him that 20 years ago I was seven and my dad didn’t like it when I got the shovel out of the shed…. or hammers too, for some reason.

I didn’t even smirk.

Aimee gave me a secret thumbs up though. Megan started to giggle but pretended it was at a tree.

I noticed he had a nasty cut on his arm that was obviously infected, I said that he should get that looked at as it was infected.

He said, what are you a doctor or something?

Jill piped up, they are all doctors, welcome to my world.

Well it was infected.

We did get a good batch of trees and shrubs though, some of the other trees we want are not in stock yet, so we have to wait for everyone to get spring fever. I tried to spread my germs, to speed this up, I am hoping mother nature gets it soon. I mean, this morning, IT WAS SNOWING OUT! cOMe On AlrEAdY.

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cash prizes, awards and merry making

I received this from wordpress today
Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 3 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
Along with a gold watch, diamond ring, cash award, wine shaped glass icon, trophy, long thank you email, Trip on the company jet to a vacation spot of my choiceA share in the advertising revenue that my blog of almost 60 thousand visits generated

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Mother Nature needs some time off

Mother Nature is at it again it seems. We plunged into winter, snow fell, then a bit more fell, some melted and she noticed… so she sent some more.


She seems confused today as she is picking her snow up and swirling it all over the place, like she doesn’t know where to put it, I do wish she would make up her mind, we shovelled our driveway twice this week, the snowblower is going on our tractor this weekend… but with her tossing snow all over the place… the snow we shovelled is going to end up in the driveway again. sheish. where is my exclamation mark… oh here it is !!!!!


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The countdown grows shorter

Our excitement is building as moving day gets closer. I have an app on my phone that is counting down by day. Each night at midnight it changes… and I am watching as it does so lol. Then the house fills with the number of days left shouted out by all. seems we all have apps on our phones counting down.

Aimee’s app is counting down by minutes, she is more precise. It looks like a much longer time though… I hope she finishes packing.

Oh packing is such fun. We were very careful at first to label the box as to which room it will go in…. and the contents. But then to make use of the boxes contents sort of spread out a bit, to get the best fit in the box. Labeling becomes less exact.



After a while it seems we just tape the box shut and hope for the best. When walking in a room, carrying “stuff” to pack in a box…. when the box suddenly pops open and Aimee jumps out… do you know what happens to the “stuff” you were carrying? sheish

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Seasons Reflections

As the day gets closer and things calm down… wait, they are calming down?

hmm not for me, well it works better for the blog if I say …. and things are calming down.

So I will stick with that.

… as things calm down… (there, see how well that worked?)

We reflect more, no not like Christmas lights.. sheish.

Ok so I am going for a bit of levity with this post as some recent ones  have been dabbed with a bit of remorse.

We reflect on the year, the things we did, the things we wanted to do. Perhaps the resolutions that were unfulfilled. 

I always advise against making New Years resolutions. If you want to do something, just do it, if you want to stop… well then stop. 

eeeps I am diverging. 

Best click on that Read the rest of this entry thingie, to see what else I am reflecting on. I must be a bright bulb or something. Maybe just flickering?

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Spending quality time with your children… and sneaking in lessons

Christmas meals are special. They are often remembered because of the  people sharing the meal.

It can be more special if more share in the preparation of the meal, though the kitchen can become.. crowded and confusing, but this makes it more fun also.

Allowing more to contribute to the meal, makes them feel a part of things.

Children can be so excited if they know they have  apart to play with the meal that everyone is looking forward to.

I always encourage parents to have their children play more of a part in the kitchen, no not the clean up.. sheish.

It really isn’t too soon to learn to cook.

If you can hold a spoon, you can start.

The smiles are fun to watch, don’t be grumpy and just clean up the mess. 😉

I have taught courses on how to get children more involved in making meals. I am tricky too as I sneak in more lessons than either parent or child know.

Even if they make chicken cordon bleu… red

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