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Wondering why you get migraines?

I haven’t touched on this subject in a while.



We all have varying degrees of this.

There are some of us, actually it may be one in four or one in five, that have more sensitivity, more empathy. With this gift can follow other gifts, that are not as nice.

Migraines are one.

Someone that has migraines will know, that stimuli seems to be more powerful when you have one. Light, noises, smells, hot cold, being near people… many things are more felt, more unwanted when suffering with one. We, yes we, are more sensitive to stimuli, hypersensitive even.

This sensitivity is often felt when not with the migraine as well. We are more aware of smells, light our surroundings than others. There are many reasons why someone may suffer with a migraine, or have them much more often. Tests are run, you are connected to machines, poked and probed. Tis good to do this, to be sure there is not an underlying medical reason for having them.

Often the tests all come back negative, this is good right? So then we wonder why we keep having them, for this too, there are many reasons.

Sometimes it is because about 20% of the population is more sensitive, more tuned in. The term is highly sensitive person or HSP. You are born with this, it is not something that happened to you. A person that is a HSP has more receptors, takes in more information. This can apply to sense of smell, empathy, many things. It is like feeling a fine piece of silk using eight fingers and both thumbs rather than one.

This abundance of information can sometimes be overwhelming, most are not aware that they are taking in more information, what do they have to gauge it with? Is everyone not this way? This over abundance of information can often cause migraines, there seems to be a very strong connection. Powerful emotions can be felt, but where others know when someone is upset, someone with HSP may feel the same feelings, become upset in the same way, in crowds this can be overpowering. In settings where emotions are higher, this can be overpowering. 

Migraines can be triggered.

When someone discovers that they perhaps feel some things differently, more powerfully, than others do, they have that aaaha moment. All the loose marbles are suddenly gathered up into a neat package, they stop rolling around making all that noise in our heads.

Well not quite, but it does help. When you learn why you feel someone’s emotions before they are aware of them, why it seems you can almost read minds at times, why light may hurt, why sounds become too much, why crowds are overwhelming and so much more, you can learn to adjust. Or to know, you won’t be in the crowd too long, so when you are out, this feeling will pass.

This power to receive more data, yes power, can lead to more creativity, many artists are found to be HSP.  I have heard the term that an HSP watches the world in high definition. 

This heightened awareness can trigger the flight or fight response faster for some, it can cause an increase of anxiety. Not for all though, as we are all different. Introverted is also often the case, but again, not always.

 The feeling with a migraine is often that your head is going to explode, this is often the feeling a Highly Sensitive Person  will feel with all the information being processed, there is a connection.

Does a repetitive sound, like someone absently drumming their fingernails make you want to scream? That dripping faucet that others don’t seem to hear, the smell that is barely there for others, you are finding very annoying. 

A very quiet acoustic guitar verses a concert with a loud band is often something that makes you smile inside.

Pausing to watch the ripples on a lake and finding such deep peace in this, in fact water of many types, even a shower, can have a strong pull for you. A healing power too. A restoration.

Someone that is a Highly Sensitive Person has many traits. They will vary for each, you can google this if you are curious. 

Perhaps there is a reason for your migraines after all, maybe your bag of marbles is sorted out now.






Headaches from invisible noise

Unexplained Headaches / Migraines


Something was said on another blog about headaches and old televisions.

It got me to thinking.

Tones, high pitched noises can be quite painful.


Tones that you can not hear can be worse. Wait tones you can’t hear?

Of course. humans hear a range of tones, as you age this range decreases. When young and perfect we can hear from 20 hz to 20 khz. 

hz stands for hertz  khz is Kilohertz, so a thousand times more, which is a higher pitched sound.

hold on to your ears, there is more

I Hate them


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Some days are just like that… too many.




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When light hurts

When sound makes you cringe, curl up and withdraw

Light causes pain

you want to sleep… but can’t

normal things.. should you do them.. or leave them for now and just sit there…

but when you sit there, it gets worse

you think about it.. and it grows.. feeding on your thoughts, your misery. pulsing

so back to a normal routine.. but it is so bright and why is that fan making so much noise…

closing my eyes for a moment, it feels good.. and then the pulses.. the throbs..  such a sharp pain… constant.. unrelenting. 

a cold compress.. that will help.. off I go, dampening a cloth.. over my eyes… then a trail of water runs down my neck.. it feels terrible, the cloth goes through a wall… everything sense is heightened.  what is that terrible smell… omg it is awful…  was it here yesterday?

it is hot, need to find a cooler place.. then moments later.. it is so cold.. shivering.. too cold.. nothing works

frustration building, pain so intense.. want to rip it out…

my hair is heavy

when will it go whispering over and over in your head

a tear forms.. more quickly follow.. giving in.. you can’t stop

and then the pain becomes worse, crying does that.. have to stop .. no tears.. calm breaths.. control… it has to stop soon.

people are talking to me.. why are they doing that… tell them to stop

then someone is here, leading me away.. to a quiet dark place.. 

no talking.. laying me down, head on their lap.. a finger sliding over the middle of my forehead.. quietly.. then between my eyebrows… 

moving slowly then another.. light touches spreading out over my forehead and moving through my hair.. 

then back and forth over my scalp, just right.. mmmmm, over and over from my forehead over my head… not stopping

no talking, no more tears.. it is quiet

thumbs over my temples.. small circles..   then on to the base of my skull thumbs working in… little circles

not stopping.. it is so good.. just keeps going.. relaxing.. eyes still closed.. falling asleep.. entering the world of sleep.. no pain…  knowing the fingers are still working their magic, they haven’t stopped, so light the touch, always moving.. firm at times.. pressing in just right. pulses fading.. drifting off…


I have a scale, a rating.. it goes from zero to eight. It really goes from zero to ten, but I feel I haven’t had a ten yet.. I hope I never do. 

With a seven or an eight I can’t function any more.. the above is an eight.. and I haven’t had one for a while now, but I had a lot of them a while ago, and this was the only way they went away.. my roommate since my first year at the U would take me back to our dorm room when I had one.. and would rub my head like this for hours.. she is so special. And she knew when I had one, no we don’t have the same courses and are often in different buildings.. but she would know.. and appear.. and take me back to our room.

hmmm, so why am I writing about this today.. well I have one now, it is not too bad. but it reminded me.

I know, many get them, and they are terrible. There are times they last for days.. weeks, months.. years. each and everyday for some, and meds don’t help.

I haven’t had them last that long,  though I have had episodes where they are there day after day for weeks, perhaps a month. And meds often don’t help.

People will notice.. they know you have a migraine.. you get some sympathy sometimes.  Many go ‘oh a head ache’ and continue on like so what.

They haven’t had one.

so why the blog?

Often, when you haven’t had one, ever, your comprehension of them doesn’t exist.. you may have children. Perhaps they are having them, but you dismiss it. They are not headaches, not like you may experience. And when a parent doesn’t understand.. the pain.. that their child is experiencing. 

well, I think you get the picture.

No, my parents were not among that group, they understood, and it is not why I am blogging about this now.

It is just to open your eyes. Just in case.

Oh I know, I have blogged about them before, and you know what? I will do it again. Perhaps some future blogs may help you.. if you are suffering from one, or have a loved one that is. There are things you can do to help, to reduce the pain. even make it go away.. like Megan did for me. Pressure points exist that help to relieve it. Gentle massaging to these points can work wonders, they are in your hands and feet as well as your head.

Perhaps in another post. 


to Meg… you saved me you know.