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Who are you?



This is something that I run across more and more often. Who am I… this is not me, I am not like this, I wasn’t like this before, who am I, where did I go.

We often struggle with the question, who am I. It starts very early in age, then it is am I mommies favorite, am I your friend, later it can progress to much stronger issues.

These are more simple questions, but some will linger in the mind and fester too, as some struggle more with who are they. Sexual orientation will often play into this search for who am I at an early age, and the struggles as you try to sort that out.

I will meet with someone and ask this, who are you…. sometimes, because of where we are when I ask, I will receive the answer, I am Becky and I am bipolar…. or many other things.

But that is not true. oh yes she may be Becky, she may struggle at times with bipolar disorder, she is not bipolar though, her struggles may define her, they may help to make her who she is, but they are not her, she is not it. But these are semantics, playing with words.


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Maladaptive Beliefs & The Self Schema


Children are our treasures. The innocence that radiates from their smiles, the awe we feel as they encounter new things.

That innocence is stolen sometimes though, as sad as this is. When this innocence is stolen it leaves behind a residue. A torment for the child to deal with. This torment can often last long into adulthood. This torment that they suffer with is not their doing, not wanted by them. It was inflicted upon them, left for them to deal with. It is not their doing, it is not their fault. IT IS NOT! 

I will expound on this shortly.

To hopefully avoid triggering as much as possible for my readers, I am going to omit specific details in some areas. I really do not want to upset anyone more.

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Punch back

Ed Koch passed. After leaving City Hall in January 1990, Mr. Koch battled assorted health problems and heart disease. He was a mayor of New York City. No I don’t live there and I didn’t meet him. Though I extend sympathy to his family and loved ones. As I read his obit in the news I ran across something he was quoted on that was interesting.

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But that doesn’t compare to what I do to myself when you’re not there

so on we go to see the results, there’s more!