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mmmmmm burgers and fries… sort of.

mmmmmm burgers and fries… sort of.

Last night we felt like having hamburgers, it was raining out, quite hard, so we decided we should cook indoors. I have found a burger that is fried is moister than grilling, so this was not bad news. We would have to tough it out with moist burgers.

Of course with a burger you need fries. Nice thick cut ones, hmmm wrong image.  fries (Small)

Then we thought hmmm,.. fries with gravy is very nice too. fries gravy (Small)

Having a French Canadian background, when you have fries with gravy you automatically reach for cheese curds…..poutine (Small) because poutine is just so great. 

But we were out of cheese curds. (insert sad face here)

We did stumble across a large wheel of brie that we had though… hmmmm

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Banana Cake

mmmm, this is just so yummy.

A food blog/post, yay.

I made this on the weekend, there is none left for some reason.

, more more more.. that is what they said, so read on to see

Mmmmmm hot biscuits

We had a stew on the weekend. It was great. But what goes better with stew than hot biscuits? Ok, well wine… but hot biscuits too, that must be number two?  Butter melting on the flaky soft biscuit…  mmmmmmm here, you decide…. are they good? Read the rest of this entry

Pasta that will make you salivate with uncontrolled desire

It is going to be cooler at the cottage this weekend, so we can cook in the oven.

That means I can do another food blog. *gets all excited*

So what to have. oh, I have an idea. I love this. And it is easy to make.

Cannelloni or Manicotti




But wait, read on, there’s more!

cooking in layers

Yup, back to food. Well we have to eat don’t we?

Do you live to eat, or eat to live?

A basic question, but it is not as light a question as it appears. Those that live to eat, enjoy food, and take pleasure in it. They tend to do so with other things as well. Life is to be enjoyed, how ever you do it. 

On the weekend I took my Parmesan cheese to the cottage to make my noodles Alfredo, but never following a recipe it ended up probably not being noodles Alfredo. 

First, I didn’t us Alfredo noodles, choosing Penne noodles instead. I like how they fill with the sauce.

now, for my pasta I had red bell peppers, portabella mushrooms, sweet onions (vidalia), chicken breast, garlic, white wine, the pasta, cream and the cheese. We used a table cream, whipping cream is good to, but it is very rich.

a bbq too.

I seasoned the chicken breast and heated the bbq, I also sliced the mushrooms into strips and seasoned them, tossing them in some olive oil, I did the same with the onion.

The red pepper I cut into larger pieces and also seasoned it and tossed it in olive oil.

The garlic I took two bulbs and cut the tips off, put them in foil and drizzled more olive oil on them, then wrapped them tight. I put them on the grill right away along with the peppers.. skin side down.

I sprayed the chicken breast with a veggie spray, to help keep it from sticking and when the grill was hot put them on. If the grill isn’t hot the chicken sticks. blech.

I have a little metal pan that is for the bbq, it has lots of holes in it, it is great for when you bbq smaller things, like meat balls, shrimp or mushrooms and other veggies.. in went the mushrooms.

mmm it was smelling wonderful.

When the peppers are blackened (on the skin side) a bit they come off, and I rinse them off and remove the skin. Cut them into strips and put them aside.

I dont want to dry out the mushrooms, just to caramelizes them a bit, so I don’t brown them, just cook until tender, I tossed the onion in then, I don’t want them to brown, just turn translucent. Then they all come off and are put aside for later. You don’t need a lot of pepper and mushrooms and onions, the sauce is the star, they are just to make it better.

Don’t over cook the chicken, It dries out fast. So watch it carefully. I use a temperature probe and when it hits 160 it comes off and I wrap it in foil, it will cook more in the foil and not dry out.

By then the garlic is probably roasted too. Squeeze a bulb to see if it is soft. They don’t take that long.

off goes the bbq and into the cottage. woo hoo, everyone was getting hungry now, all those smells.

The pasta is boiling now, It is handy to have an Amiee lying around, you should get one. *nods lots*

She also had a cream sauce simmering and the cheese was melting in it, she added some white wine but not an oaked one. She used a Pinot Grigio, I knew this because that is what we were drinking at the time.. *grins* 

How much cream, and how much cheese? *shrugs* we don’t measure. The cheese is strong, so you don’t need gobs of it, so add some, maybe a half a cup ( it really depends on how many you are cooking for) and taste it after it melts in, you can keep adding some, but it may become too rich if you add too much. The same with the wine, in a cheese sauce, perhaps 1/2 a cup and be sure to simmer it so the alcohol cooks off.

I chopped up the red peppers, now without the skins and roasted tender, and the garlic, which is also roasted. The roasting changes the garlic a lot, it becomes richer, sweeter or less bitter and not overpowering. The peppers roasted really pop with flavour.

They get tossed into the sauce to allow their flavour to meld with the sauce.

Then the onion and mushrooms go in.

Now you can cook everything together, like a stew, and it is great, but cooking them like this and adding them at different times layers the flavours, you can taste each one. 

presto, it is done

You can toss the pasta into the sauce and mix it, or serve them separately  and let everyone choose how much of each they want. The chicken breast is sliced into thin strips, and placed on top. I like to sprinkle parsley on it, not just because it looks nice, but I really like parsley. Also I sprinkle on paprika. I don’t like to cook paprika as it cooks very fast and will become bitter, but on top when serving, it is great.

I am getting hungry again. drat.


I would tell you what Aimee made for desert… but drooling on the keyboard is bad. Perhaps tomorrow.


This is the savory candy of the world. *nods wisely*


well it can be so decadent, so it must be candy. 

We stumbled across a cheese shoppe a while ago, we would visit occasionally while living in the dorms and carefully choose a selection of cheeses… counting out our coins…  on a Friday night, take them back to the dorm with some very nice crackers or bread… select some wine, I let Aimee pick the wine, she is very good at that. We both picked the cheese. It was bliss.  The cheese was sooo good. 

Walking into the shop, you expect to be assaulted by the smells like you would be in a bakery… but that is missing from a cheese shop, probably because they are all nestled behind glass, teasing and tormenting with their rainbow of colours, shapes or interesting looking skins. 

We learned cheese, like books, can not be judged by their appearance. (just like people)

The ones that look so tempting may not be the enticing treat you expect, and the plain cheese sitting all alone, well it may be the one that becomes your best friend.

ok, time for a picture, I was going to look for a bunch of little pictures to tease you with, and stumbled across this one, and it just makes me drool. There are so many different kinds of cheese.

We are stopping there on the way home, to pick a few for the weekend. We love doing this, because when you point to a cheese they pull it out of the cooler and slice off some for you to taste, if there are others in the store, they slice off some for everyone… it is a dastardly trick, because everyone then buys some.

Sometimes we pick our own, some that we remember, some that catch our eye… and that is fun, but we learned that if we say we want to buy a mix of cheese, about.. and we name a price.. then they pick them for us. 

And that is when we get a great variety, hard, soft, creamy, aged.. they do so great picking them and never seem to pick one we don’t like.

Oh we did try one in the store once, that was different. *nods*, it was chocolate cheese. *makes a funny face*

She sliced some off for us and I popped it in my mouth… instantly went “blech” and blushed… while Aimee and the girl behind the counter giggled.  pssst, we didn’t buy any of that.

Blue cheese, Megan said that is an acquired taste and hoped we would never acquire it… but alas, just like cheese in general, there are a lot of different types of blue cheese. So she (the girl behind the counter) one day slices off a very interesting looking cheese that has different coloured layers.. and we tasted it…. WOW. It was great. It was made up of a few cheeses… so of course I asked what kinds  they were… and the one in the middle was a blue cheese… *pouts* yup, we acquired the taste. LOL.

They are not all strong and yucky, some are very smooth, and with the right wine… omg.

So tonight Jill and I have been entrusted to pick some good ones. We have some instructions but they are not written in stone.. checks the list.. nope is paper… We always try to get something different and something we know we like a lot. There was one with mushrooms in it last time, it was great. But we try not to get the same type two times in a row, and with so many to choose from, that is easy to do.

I love smoked cheese, and hard cheese, and soft cheese…eeeps, I like them all, lol, but soft cheeses… and there are so many soft cheeses, that on crackers..  double creams, triple creams. omg.. I am going to drool if I am not careful.

*dances off dreaming about out trip to the cheese shop tonight*

Well you won’t find cheese here, but just like cheese, you will find people from around the world with different looks and packages that you shouldn’t judge, but just enjoy.