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Haikus for fun

writing haikus fun
grammar not that important
just finish haikus

rhyming can be hard
so it is not always done
deep thought though, is good

it is fun to rhyme
it may take you much more time
you won’t get a dime

so some haikus rhyme
this one doesnt though, tough huh?
write your own, to rhyme

Deepest thoughts visit
minds wander with words written
pictures painted here

contagious writing
focusing minds a great task
with just a few, words

fun can be had too
if you chop a word when need..
of course that is cheat….



A rhyme a rhyme my gold for a rhyme

Anniversaries they come and go,
it is a yearly thing, you know.
Unless you like them each week,
it could be that which you seek?

Once a year is good for me,
I am not too greedy you see.
An anniversary can be so nice it is sought,
or one you would rather have, not.

Not all of them are great,
some you could just hate.
We try not to pay homage to those,
maybe, instead, just write some prose?

A tribute to someone that has passed,
Or something in our memory, which is cast.
We should just try to forget these,
and focus on the ones that do us please.

We can dwell in our past if we desire,
those thorns can form such a brier.
Entangle us in its tangled grip.
deeper in we can slip.

The future is ahead.
look to it instead.
To my blog happy anniversary,
aren’t you glad this rhyme, wasn’t nursery?


Haiku, can you?


I did a group of three haiku’s a few days back.

All three were, in my thoughts, describing one word, which I did not reveal. I think I made it too hard, so I will repeat today.. well somewhat, but with the word revealed.


lol, I wanted to do a post and this is all I could come up with without writing another two thousand word post….

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Haiku two

Well what the heck, lets see if I can do it again. Perhaps a few times.

Haiku the sequel. version two.. or yet again.

But the topic I will not state, lets see if it can be guessed.

a clue, one word, four syllables, three haiku’s, three clues.

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Japanese poetry

  • Only three lines, totaling 17 syllables throughout
  • The first line must be only 5 syllables
  • The second line must be comprised of 7 syllables
  • The third line must be 5 syllables like the first

so why bother? I never have…

well until now. so why?

Why do Sudoku, why solve a crossword,  

To challenge your mind. 🙂

lets see how I did.

for my first attempt.

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Endless ride

the sea

It could be flat and calm, but seldom it was
the sea’s anger so apparent, as it cast it’s froth about
waves high and mighty, tossed with such reckless abandon
cresting and rolling with a vicious fever

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wake up, wake up oh sleeping muse

I want to pen a poem
to concieve it just so
with words that stream and ebb
and of your mind they will infect

oh sheish, there is more, surely