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Q & A with a therapist

This is a post that has been under construction for a while in my notes, I may do more in the future. 

Students ask questions of me, often when they discover I am in practice as not all of their professors are.

Some of the questions asked are the same as what friends or family will ask, when their curiosity grows.

Do you get angry with patients, do you cry, are you afraid of any of your patients, do you call them patients…

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Maladaptive personality shaping from the parent.

Narcissism, this is a difficult disorder. The person is very self absorbed. Self obsessed. Selfish. A strong sense of superiority. Uniqueness, requiring praise, entitlement. Will feel no regret taking advantage of others for their own gain. Arrogant. When criticized will rebel. Empathy is not one of their tools, lying perhaps will be. Self esteem is actually quite low. Someone with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is very unlikely to seek help as they do not feel there is anything amiss with them.

Why bring this up?

What about the child of a Narcissistic Parent? Or Parents as they often attract one another.
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The Elusive Nap

I have spoken about sleep before, a few times. I am a nagger though, repetitiveness is often the name of my game, so here I am again rambling on about napping…

Napping is often what we do at night, rather than sleep. Just take short naps and then awake, fighting to return to our sleep, or fighting sleep… or nightmares… or night terrors, that awakened us so cruelly.

Insomnia is  very common, there are many things that can cause it.

Waking quickly, our bodies locked in a ridged state, totally unable to move, a night terror having just ripped through our mind, leaving us in a very aroused state, panicking. We can have panic attacks whilst sleeping also, and then awake so quickly, wanting to escape, to runnnnnnnnn… but our bodies are locked, paralyzed, our minds are so confused.

Does this sound like a scary movie?

Unfortunately it is not. 

Sleep can be very elusive and when it starts to hide from us we suffer.

Depression and insomnia carry strong ties. Though a lack of sleep may not cause depression, it will deepen it considerably. Over longer periods the likelihood of this happening increases considerably.  

Mental Disorders, though may not cause insomnia, in round about ways contribute to it. ADD/ADHD, Bipolar, OCD/Anxiety disorders,  being prime examples, and of course PTSD. But insomnia can also weaken us and studies now lead to the possibility of longer periods of insomnia increasing our chance of developing a disorder.


Get a snack, this will be long….


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Whats all the hubbub?

You are probably hearing now on the news some controversial talk or have seen some interviews about this “DSM 5” thing.

So what is it? why is there buzz?
Whats going on?

wait you haven’t heard? eeeps.


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Borderline ~ Teach us how to live

This is a tough one.

Borderline Personality Disorder ~ BPD.


I have a few videos, they all may not interest everyone, some will, I feel they have a stronger impact and ability to teach… as the alternative is just my words, which you may skim over. prepare to learn.

This post is not just to provide a background on BPD for those that have none, but to show that this can be treated to the point the BPD classification is removed from the patient. WOW. 

DBT is not the only treatment with success in working with BPD, There are a few. We are developing and learning new therapies to help cope/treat. Research is ongoing, over recent years there have been large leaps.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Dialectical-behavioral therapy
Transference-focused therapy
Mentalization-based therapy
Schema-focused Therapy


With borderline, therapy is successful, medication not so much. Meds can treat some symptoms, anxiety or depression, therapy can restore the patient. 

While I hope this would not be the case,

I best include a TRIGGER WARNING. tw-sign6

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So which is it? ADHD, BPD, BD

I posted a while ago, or is it blogged a while ago?  … on how hard it was sometimes to provide a diagnosis. Also why some are misdiagnosed, quite often. There has to be a reason for this, it is not like the profession is inept.

So it is hard. 

oh that is an excuse for messing up?



ok, so why. Look yourself over please, point out the diagnostic port that we can plug our sensor into.  

So diagnosis is based on what you answer, provide, divulge. A lot too, is what you don’t say. Sometimes with deliberateness, you don’t really want to talk about it. It is very personal, you are ashamed, embarrassed.

Or you don’t feel it is pertinent.

To be fair too, things change, some disorders coexist, or develop later. One may go untreated.

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Ride the wave

It is coming

its coming

A tidal wave

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