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Haikus for fun

writing haikus fun
grammar not that important
just finish haikus

rhyming can be hard
so it is not always done
deep thought though, is good

it is fun to rhyme
it may take you much more time
you won’t get a dime

so some haikus rhyme
this one doesnt though, tough huh?
write your own, to rhyme

Deepest thoughts visit
minds wander with words written
pictures painted here

contagious writing
focusing minds a great task
with just a few, words

fun can be had too
if you chop a word when need..
of course that is cheat….



wake up, wake up oh sleeping muse

I want to pen a poem
to concieve it just so
with words that stream and ebb
and of your mind they will infect

oh sheish, there is more, surely

Autumn’s departure…

Autumn arrives so fast it seems.

Nature’s rainbow no longer in the sky.

Ribbons of colour abound so much.

The clouds of beauty grounded now.

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rainy sunday

Well Halloween is over. Time to take down all the decorations and make soup with the pumpkins.

What? We went to our party last night…. so it is over now isn’t it? wait.. is there another party?

oh… The little zombies still have to go around and steal borrow? my peanut butter cups and licorice… those monsters. no wonder they wear masks….

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Choosing our pumpkin design.

It is getting closer, that time of year.. 

The time we need to become creative and decide how we will carve our pumpkin this year. So we googled and binged it, to see what ideas we could get. Wow there are sure some creative pumpkin carvers out there. 

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Shadows – flickering and curling wrapping you in fog

Shadows flickering and curling

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What to do when you have a cold



eeeeps, scary names

The common cold.. not sure what is common about it.

Colds, we seem to get them now and again.

you can buckle under and they often go away in a week.

or buy lots of over the counter pills, lotions, funny tasting liquids.. and they will go away in 7 days.

So how to get rid of it? Is there a cure?  What can you do?

well it seems I have the answer, and it must work…  

so what is this great tip?

how can you feel better?

pssst, I know.. it is to….

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