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Haiku, can you?


I did a group of three haiku’s a few days back.

All three were, in my thoughts, describing one word, which I did not reveal. I think I made it too hard, so I will repeat today.. well somewhat, but with the word revealed.


lol, I wanted to do a post and this is all I could come up with without writing another two thousand word post….

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Haiku two

Well what the heck, lets see if I can do it again. Perhaps a few times.

Haiku the sequel. version two.. or yet again.

But the topic I will not state, lets see if it can be guessed.

a clue, one word, four syllables, three haiku’s, three clues.

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Friends are for keeps

even when one weeps

Smiles and tears are shared

for this is why they were paired


close together or far apart

they are always in each others heart

sharing stories, recipes and pranks

this is friendship, that you gives you such thanks


Like a tree’s canopy spreading in its growth

friendship expands and strengthens for both

little bumps in the road can be shared

smoother when you know your friend cared


grumbling about the weather

jousting with a feather

dancers on a show

uhm.. stars you know


offering tips

helping with blips

learning and nourishing

the friendship flourishing


but when the bump in the road

a mountain becomes

friends gather

to tear it down


to be leaned upon

to cry with

to laff with

to fight together


To share strength

to listen

and to hug

but mostly to be a friend.


because close or far

here or there

with a friend

you are never alone


Mother Nature is the culprit


It may be all the Greeks fault though…

they started it all it seems….

Gaia, Mother Earth 

Goddess of theirs, that became known as Mother Nature…

Mother of the Titans

watcher of our weather…

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Endless ride

the sea

It could be flat and calm, but seldom it was
the sea’s anger so apparent, as it cast it’s froth about
waves high and mighty, tossed with such reckless abandon
cresting and rolling with a vicious fever

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wake up, wake up oh sleeping muse

I want to pen a poem
to concieve it just so
with words that stream and ebb
and of your mind they will infect

oh sheish, there is more, surely

monday morning blahs, blech.

The sun slowly slips over the roof tops,
glorious in its shiny brilliance.
Chasing away the night drops,
that linger with stuborn resilience.

 Pretty songs fill the room,
wafting gently in the air.
The morning starts to bloom,
the alarm clock sails with such… flair.

Stretches and yawns,
the first smile of the day.
The sun wakes and casts its bronze,
sparkling beams in that sky of gray.

Fluttering eyes trying to blink,
slumber beckoning, tempting a return.
Soft pillows beckon, where a head could sink,
alas, but you must be stern.

A new dawn, new day, but hang a bit..
hop out of bed, make a note draw a map.
Dear self.. “buy a new clock you twit”
oh, but wait… it is Monday.. oh crap!



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