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Decadent Pasta

Oh oh  another food post, If I am not careful this will turn into a foodie blog. 


We made a pasta this past week that we had with salmon. Oh we encrusted the salmon with poppy seeds and broiled it. It was drizzled with lemon juice and melted butter as well. 

We needed a good pasta to accompany this but did not want to be cooking too long as the salmon would cook quickly. 

Overdone fish is just blech.

We made a pasta that was, perhaps, the best we have ever had. mmmmmm

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Eating to regain weight.

Vibrant tastes are often good for stirring up an appetite that is stifled.

Mixing these tastes with higher protein foods can work very well, the balance between the tastes often creates a mouth watering experience.

Eating small meals more often is key, so having foods that are easy to pull out for a smaller meal can work well.


lol, you will figure it out.

We often will drink with a meal, no not always wine, but even a fruit juice. This can fill a tummy quickly, often before the “meal” has much of a dent in it, so limiting beverages before and during a meal is something to try for.

I have a few recipes I will post this week. Designed for high protein levels and flavour. 

so as a special bonus.. today there are two.. uhm three recipes? Well two anyway.

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How to spend a snow day… part two

Snow days, just the name still makes one grin. What to do, well anything works.

relax, eat, party, have a baby, shovel, read…  

We shoveled a lot, I mean a lot. After an hour or so the signs of shoveling were gone.

Finally we gave up, some friends managed to walk over so we just relaxed.

oh alright, we partied. lol.

Pizza, we knew there was no chance of going out to get one, and expecting delivery was a bit silly, so we made some.


oh we didn’t have a baby.. just in case you caught that… but someone did.

what kind of pizza? oh and the best way to spend a snow day is yet to come, click on to see

A super food

OMG… food again?

*giggles* yup.

alright…. what this time.. chocolate coated marshmallows toasted with walnuts and whipped cream?

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