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The waiting day

December 23rd…. the day of waiting


The quiet hush as all is prepared… hopefully

excited whispering and peeking at the tree

A  day of waiting, wondering what will be

The clock ticks.. but one slow second at a time

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The Poinsettia

poinsettia (2)

The Poinsettia

The flower that will adorn so many homes over the holidays.

From big to small and in quite a few colours.

Do you have one?

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Christmas Trees

Christmas trees,

The glitter, tradition of the ornaments.

Remembering parents untwisting the knotted cords grumbling…

The testing of lights and the smiles when they worked.

Leaping forward with excitement..

Now it was time to decorate.

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Christmas Bells


Christmas Bells

Another decoration, but also with tradition and function.

Oh, and pretty sounds.

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And all the stockings were hung by the chimney with care

More decorations, with a function too.

Christmas Stockings

the tiny things they can hold can be treasures.


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