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Innocence stolen


Innocence lost
taken so quickly
robbed, stolen

The seasons changing
leaves green to golden
tears of rain falling
forever lost from sight

Glorious sunrises
inspiring awe
sunsets settling
never to be seen

no more

Innocence remaining
forever it will be held
all the tiny faces
only memories now

Sadness indescribable
shared by the world
families torn apart
forever their pain

my heart is crying


The Wonderment of Christmas

What is that special feeling….

The sort of happy glow…

The Christmas spirit many search for?

Is it the excitement of what you may receive….

or have you discovered that giving is truly where the excitement lies?

The wondrous look as you gaze at the lights..

decorations and think back… or ahead…….

Is that look only visible on a child’s face?


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Children.. Leave them at home? or just stop ignoring them………….

Recent posts have been full of thought and depth. Time to turn a corner as we digest them a bit. But we will revisit, of that I am sure. Glancing at the online news this morning, an article caught my attention. It is not a new issue, but seems to be growing. It was titled…

Should kids be banned from public places?

I saw this and gasped, but the article went on…

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courses in nagging….

It is that time of year again

When they can become even more irritating. Like they took a course or something…

You know who I mean…

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