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Flying herds

We were back to the  cottage this weekend, summer is zipping by so fast, there are some signs of fall now too, the nights are cooling off, so are the days, well finally, as last week was terribly hot.

Nature knows when the seasons are about to change, the birds seem to be one of our first signs. They gather in flocks, some trees will have literally thousands of birds tweeting away. Probably they use the hash tag #itstimetogosouth I am not sure, but I know they are tweeting. uhm. twittering?



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Long Weekend

A long weekend


Happy Canada Day weekend 

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ooooh fireworks


one of the best weekends on the lake, it is so much fun. So much to do and usually so warm.

Colorful Fireworks over Lake

Colorful Fireworks over Lake

What is better than fireworks on the lake?

well there are a lot of things that are close….

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When Magic Ebbs

The morning dew sparkles
sunbeams barely yet peeking
the canapy of leaves still sleeping
a day still in its infancy

But wait, there’s more!

Sunny Sunday… well for a while.

As we watch the wall of water move slowly across the lake toward us.. forcing us to run laughing inside to avoid the drenching that was coming.. a rainy day invading our sunny Sunday. Then realizing with the heat, that this could be fun, we stopped.

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hmmmm, with all those endorsements I was sure there would be a big box of candy in my mail…. lol

I am counting the minutes again.. until the end of the day and we can head up to the cottage, it is another warm weekend and the lake should be very busy. The moon is almost gone so the nights will be extra dark, so we will be lying on the dock and watching the stars overhead. We see so many shooting ones, and planes flying by.. their lights blinking.. wondering where everyone is going, and sometimes the northern nights dancing across the sky… it can be so beautiful and magical. This group of stars  is almost straight up, I always look for it first.

listens in my head… The water lapping against the boats tied to the dock, a campfire crackling a few meters away. *gets excited again*   checks my watch.. lol, but campfires.. you can toast things there, when the fire dies down and the conversations become quieter… everyone relaxes and cuddles, sometimes ghost stories, watching the forest carefully.. cuddling more.

oh oh oh.. marshmallows..   toasted.. omg..   but they are sooo good.. looks at the picture.. wonders if you have noticed I have a sweet tooth.

The lake is fun when the moon isn’t out, the stars are brighter and canoe rides can be very interesting. Quietly paddling close to shore.. waiting for that blue heron to fly over our heads, or disturbing a large fish as we pass and watching the water ripple and bubble as it scurries off.. (do fish scurry?)

and then the giggles start as we pretend not to be scared, of course the screams are a bit of a give away.

checks my watch again.. eeps a few minutes have passed.. woo hoo..