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I received this as an email quite some time ago, so I am sure it is poking about the internet and many of you may have already viewed it. 


I just felt like posting it.

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You can’t get there from here



Well it seems that way sometimes though. It doesn’t matter what you want, every turn is the wrong turn.

That old question comes up…

Why Always MeFPLMC0017

tis easy to think that way sometimes. Let it get you down. The world is against you, all the little things build up and overwhelm you. It is so easy to let it happen.

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Boxing Day

Where did the name boxing day come from?

oh, wait, because we package up all our unwanted ill-fitting Christmas gifts and return them to the stores the day after Christmas….


It was a good idea?

do I get points? nope.

ok.. well you know what to do

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The draining power of depression

It’s hold is strong yet unseen

shapeless darkness, that can only be felt

so convincing, but in all the wrong ways

tenacious and dark, yet so powerful

draining, demotivating, saddening

Its goal is to mold, but to remove definition

to make you fade, to a mere shadow too


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Time to decorate

It is less than a month away…. 

Festivities abound.. wait… don’t they?

Well they should. *stomps my feet* it is time to put up some Christmas cheer. We have.

Not the tree yet, that goes up this weekend. oh, we need some eggnog, you need eggnog when you trim the tree. *makes note to self…. dear self… get Jill to make some eggnog*

There. Delegation. *grins*, now on to business 

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Happy Weekend!

woo hoo, the weekend is still here, I think.

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Smiles, more smiles? smiles to brighten your day?

I have notices some posts, previous blogs, attract constant attention.  Large numbers of daily visits.  From countries all over the world. Two posts with the same theme actually draw a lot of visits.  So, what the heck. Lets do another one to see what happens. It would be interesting to read comments from those that are using search engines to find images with this theme, to see why they are looking….  (oh that is a hint by the way)

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