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Darn it. Make some soup.

A post of a different type.

Well not so different, this one combines two things.. food and health.

Sometimes we don’t feel like cooking.. or eating for that matter. Food loses its appeal at times. Medications can do this often. But we have to eat still, those times we need to eat more carefully, if we are eating less we must eat smarter.

but we must eat.

Soup is good. Easy to make and you can have tiny amounts more often. For those times when it is hard to eat, eating smaller amounts is easier.. but as I just said.. more often.

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Advertisers need to be honest

Confusing Lawsuit.

Advertisers misconceiving… or is there more.

Why would a food producer back down from its claims and settle out of court?

Why are they willing to pay 1.7 million to do this?

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have a cold.. chicken soup.. so does it help?

ok, i am admitting defeat.. i have a cold.. i am even too tired to look for the cap key.

it is time for chicken soup. i dont know if it really helps, but for some reason we are craving it now. aimee said she would help. jill said she would eat it. megan just nodded.

i love soups, we make a lot of them. they are so easy, but i am going all out on this one, we will eat it all weekend.

are you ready?

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Feeding the mind


eeeps, come back, I don’t mean to lose weight.

Our diet is important, we all know this.

Food keeps us alive. We have to eat.

Do you eat to live…. or live to eat? or do you do neither?

This blog is a bit complex. I may be encompassing too much.

Eating healthy can be hard. We know the foods that are good for us, but often don’t eat them, or eat enough of them.

Some just don’t really eat.

Take out food. It is so easy.

Or just a salad… or a sandwich.

Cooking for some can be difficult, so take out becomes a crutch, take out, dial and eat.

Then a habit.

Then a way of life.


I need to categorize this a bit……

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Eating. it is habit forming…

Ok I admit it, I have blogged about food quite a bit, I love too cook, and so by extension I must love to eat as well.

*nods* it is true.

It is a wonder I can get out of my chair then… with all I eat.. *nods again* I eat 5 meals a day quite often. And snack a lot between. OMG. She is a rolly polly ball… 

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